Day and night; Docs and dignity.

On the weekend my family celebrated my youngest sister’s engagement and I ran up a dark grey velour skirt for the occasion. I was almost going to wear the floral dress I made a few weeks ago but I wasn’t feeling especially floral that weekend after spending some quality time suffering discontinuation syndrome after stopping Pristiq. I always wonder whether or not I should share mental health stuff on here, but I figure if I can help one person it’s worth it! (PS: Pristiq is a SHOCKER to quit, set aside a fortnight if you can and unplug yourself from reality.)

An outfit photo of me (fat, white, lady with light lilac hair) wearing a black blazer with a black sheer shirt, a grey velour skirt, black tights and black docs.

A photo of the back of me, sans blazer, my shirt has a white/ black sheer panel at the back.

A photo of me sans blazer holding my skirt out to the side so you can see how fancy and luxe it is.

Blazer: Target
Shirt: Domino Dollhouse
Skirt: Made by me
Leggings: We Love Colors
Docs: hand-me-across from Sonya <3 Brooch: Gift from Kathleen, wish I could remember the maker! Deer antler necklace: That Vintage
A photo of me being cool and casual, wearing my green dress against the green fence.

A photo of my legs clad in black leggings and black Docs standing on our new grass.

This morning I had to hop to it when I realised I had an appointment in the city! So I pulled out my Kermit dress and now compulsory Docs. I haven’t worn another pair of shoes since Sonya so graciously gave them to me! I never thought, after all these years, that Docs would be wide enough for my feet but they are, so when I can save up some money I will definitely be investing in some 1914s.

A photo of me circa 1996 at 15, sitting on a bus with some friends trying to be really cool wearing cat eye sunglasses and listening to my Walkman. COOL.

Last week I wore my new (to me!) Docs with a black and white patterned dress and cardigan and put some Tommy Girl perfume on. It’s like I’m the teenager now that I wish I was in the 90s! If you weren’t a teenager in the 90s do not believe any of the cool young bloggers trying to sell you a 90s revival right now. The 90s was, by and large, pretty daggy. I am your elder. Trust me on this. At my very coolest I wore brown corduroy flares and little velour t-shirts but you don’t see anyone bringing back corduroy flares, do you? (Someone should, I am really into corduroy flares.)

An outfit photo of me standing in the backyard wearing a green dress with a patterned scalloped collar, a black top and leggings underneath with Docs.

OK back to my outfit.
Dress: Made by me
Black t-shirt: New Look
Black leggings: Asos Curve
Docs: From Sonya

And just because I like to embarrass myself to my very fullest potential… Here are some jumping photos. It doesn’t really work out when your ankle is still tender from being fractured!

Me, jumping for joy, with the giddiest and silliest facial expression.

Me, just after I came back to earth and nearly keeled over. Text overlaid: WHAT HAS GRAVITY DONE?



  1. You are the absolute best. That green dress is adorable, and the grey skirt is so coooool. Is it just a  circle skirt? 

  2. Yayyyy I’m glad they’re getting regular wear!! I swear, I haven’t worn them since I was 17, so that means they were just sitting in my room for 10 YEARS! I love the ~~velour~~ skirt too.

  3. Oh, the 90s were awesome! All you needed was a daggy dress with some flowers on it plus a pair of Docs and you were set! I have very wide (and tall) feet and Docs and Danskos are all I wear. 

  4. That green dress is AMAZING. I agree about 90s revival stuff as a whole. I was a child in the 90s and I wore some goddamn ugly shit. I also hate hate HATE when people call the 90s ‘vintage’. No.

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