Steampunk wasp necklace

New laser cut jewellery goodness!

Lately my focus has been poured into designing my laser cut jewellery stuff for Fancy Lady Industries! I’ve also been sewing and working, so blogging has sadly fallen by the wayside. This must be amended! Fancy Lady Industries has really been powering on and I’m super proud of my tiny plastic empire; it’s so cool that I’m getting over the awkward modesty thing, but it still lingers a little.

Please allow me to show off some cool stuff I’ve got in store, and some sneak peeks at upcoming goodies.

Available right this very moment on Fancy Lady Industries

Bread tag earrings and necklace
What better way to display my bread tag earrings and necklace than on a romantic bread roll? I’ve long been fascinated by bread clips, or occlupanids, as cultural detritus so I wanted to elevate them to jewellery!
Miffy and the Red Glitter Hair Bow
Lil Miffy wears my red glitter hair bow very cutely!
Natalie and the Red Glitter Hair Bow
Here I am borrowing Miffy’s hair bow for my bun. I also have some adorable little bow dangle earrings to coordinate.
Art Nouveau Laser Cut Necklaces
I designed these Art Nouveau necklaces from black and white glitter acrylic because I’m slightly obsessed with the style. I hope to have more pieces out in the future. Circle pendant and statement necklace available right now.
Peaceful Dove Necklace, Laser Cut Jewellery
The Peaceful Dove necklace arose from my desire to do something to help refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. I designed it to be laser cut and etched from sustainable laminated bamboo. The profits raised are donated to Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Necklace and brooch available.

Coming soon – Steambugs!

I’ve been invited to a steampunk event in Brisbane at the end of January, so I created some jewellery especially for the occasion.

Steambees in white glitter and copper glitter
I put a new/ old spin on my Art Deco-esque bees by using white and copper glitter.
Red glitter moth necklace
The moth gets a dark upgrade to blood red glitter.
Steampunk cog earrings.
I couldn’t create steampunk jewellery without throwing some cogs in the mix. These dangle earrings combine mint and copper glitter acrylic, and I’m in love with the combination.
Steampunk wasp necklace
The wasp necklace looks amazing, if I say so myself, with the top layer in mint and the bottom layer in copper glitter.
Steampunk death head moth chatelaine
Chatelaines are little objects women have kept at their waist for a long time, but rose to popularity around the turn of the century. They had all kinds of useful household items attached to them for quick access.
My death head moth chatelaine is a modern rethinking of the object with little charms dangling from it.

The steambugs items will be up in the shop after the event! If you’re in Brisbane and are interested in heading to Clockworx, hit the facebook event page.

I have so many ideas. SO MANY. As I sell jewellery I funnel the money into designing more jewellery. One day I want a huge plastic empire!

Please do pop over and check out Fancy Lady Industries!