New Trend – Paisley!

paisley garden
I grew some paisley in the garden for you :)

I’ve decided that paisley is the new flourish. Paisley is named for a town in Scotland that ended up manufacturing the symbol repeated in pattern on fabric and woven into wool. Originally the buta motif was designed in Persia and it decorated royal robes. There are a few schools of thought on what the paisley symbolises – harvest time, protection from evil, life, eternity or rebellion. Some even say that the symbol is a stylised medicinal leech….!!

Many people probably don’t care to learn the story behind such a symbol, but I find it fascinating. As designers, we must be aware of the symbolism that we utilise in our work – we can inadvertantly put our audience off side, or win them over forever through design!


  1. I had wondered why this was called Paisley (in fact, I didn’t know there was a name for it at all). Very informative! :)

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