1. I am so lucky to have such gorgeous and talented friends! This photo is by Kate O’Brien and my friend Jilly is also the model! I get really excited about some of the stuff that is coming out of Brisbane, but disappointed when there isn’t very much air

  2. Hello Fancy Lady…I keep trying to load what are vector images, but when downloaded they are eps or pdf files. I have a Mac, so that may be the problem…can you tell me what's going on? Thanks, Carl

  3. Thank you! I just got over some illness and was in the hospital. People were kind to me (family and such) and now I am making some thank-you cards. I am going to use one of your our fab starbursts in em.

    Thanks a million!
    Now I am off to colourlovers to make a palette to match the colors I have in my head!

  4. Look at all those thank yous, Natalie. They are a pain to make, so nice to see lots of people sharing their appreciation for the share. I’m using them too.

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