Brisbane Twestival debriefing!

Happy Valentine's Day

First order of business, this Valentine’s Day crap. Have at you with this vaguely insulting “e-card”! I made it especially for you. Nick took me to the Game On exhibit at the State Library today and then we had burgers. I think there’s something for everyone in that date!

Brisbane Twestival from Natalie Perkins on Vimeo.

Second order of business, the Brisbane Twestival took place on Thursday night. You can see some of the shenanigans in the above video.

Brisbane Twestival

I tried so hard to get some decent photos of the projections! The drawing here was auctioned off to the darling Mark aka @mimobase!

The money from the night is still dribbling in I think, and final tallies haven’t been posted yet but apparently it was a pretty awesome effort!


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