A funny story…

Yeh, you know what I'm poking fun at

You know those gorgeous images you find of vintaged flowers, betraying some kind of longing on the part of not just the creator, but whoever posted it? Well, I took some photos in my friend’s garden, and after having a fiddle in Photoshop they reminded me so much of this sort of image, as well as the image below, that I decided to apply my sardonic wit to the photos I took. The only problem was, that I had wanted to use an uppercase sans serif vs script like the creator of the image below had done, but I couldn’t remember who had done it, let alone where on the internet I’d seen it!

field by f-letter

I decided to forge ahead and have a play, regardless. It wasn’t until just half an hour ago, many hours after I posted the finished images on flickr and tumblr, that I finally struck upon the images that f-letter created, and I was stunned at how similarly I had picked the typefaces. I think I have a great memory for lines and shapes, but not much else :P

Yeh, you know what I'm poking fun at

Yeh, you know what I'm poking fun at

This month has been crazy busy: I’m setting up a business with a friend as well as trying to keep on top of all my commissions and personal art work. It’s definitely wonderful being wanted!


  1. WOW you have such a beautiful website! And great post, I too love vintage photos. Very beautiful photos you’ve got here!

    Good luck with your business!

  2. awesome. the lime pic in particular. everything about it is kickass in the most wistful way lol. keep it up

  3. I think you’re thinking of a Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks commercial. The font looks similar

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