Pendragon Shoes at KiLN


If you read this blog you are familiar with “the fance” and going OTT with pride and dedication, which is why I am sure you will love the creations of Sunshine Coast cobblers, Pendragon Shoes. Recently used in an editorial shoot by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, the Pendragon star is rising with amazing fancy people like Helena Bonham Carter counting themselves as fans!

La Fortuna

Pendragon Shoes

Pendragon Shoes

KiLN are exhibiting Pendragon’s new collection, To Have and To Hold, in November. Go and check them out (and if you’ve got someone who loves you very much, they might buy you some lovely shoes!) If you’re not able to get to KiLN for the show, you can browse the Pendragon website and facebook page longingly.

Making shoes would be such an amazing job! I wonder if they need a model *cough* intern…?


  1. I'm lucky enough to own two pairs of Pendragons.. many years ago they made shoes for re-enactors.. they are awesome.

  2. Holy crap, amazing. I wish I could either go back in time or somehow have enough money to commission a pair of shoes!!

    I must see pictures of your shoes, if you still have them!

  3. Hello my name is Maria!
    I've also stuck on these fantastic shoes, I have three pairs that I have with the images on my web store, these are not the most spectacular so I think that many here in Sweden will like them. I will sell them on commission and as well buy a few pairs that I will be on sale in my shop. I think those with the flower on. Trro and I hope these shoes will go well and sell.
    Please visit my webb shop and have an look..

  4. this is very latest design of shoes,i like this new gives very attractive look with mini frock. i like it.

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