Birthday wants!

My birthday is five days out from Giftmas (December 20) and (get out your little violins) my celebrations are usually overlooked because people have engagements and stuff to buy. So it usually ends up with me having a pity party and eating worms. Allow me this one indulgence: to compile a list of the awesome things I’d love to receive for my birthday!

⇒ “The Galileoscopeā„¢ is a high-quality, low-cost telescope kit developed for the International Year of Astronomy 2009″ – alls I know is that I’ve always wanted a telescope, and this one costs USD$20! Bargain! Science! The Cosmos! All of these things could be mine!

gucci flora
⇒ A few years ago I used to wear Gucci Rush everywhere, but switched scents because it reminded me too much of a particular period of my life. An assistant at Myer showed me Flora and I was in love! It’s soft, sweet and summery and suitable for every day wear.

⇒ I would dearly dearly love a pair of scalloped pinking shears. These ones are from Japan Woodworker and they are quite spendy but would last a lifetime!

Nikon D90
⇒ Look, I have to be honest. I didn’t pay much attention to the make or model when I chose this – I just want a DSLR. I’m not interested in the Canon vs Nikon thing either! I just want a DSLR so I can take lovely photos :D

⇒ Now I have a beautiful cedar display cabinet, I can start my tea cup collection in earnest! (With your kind tea cup gifts!) This photo is by nhearon2003, by the way.

⇒ There are SO many books I want. It’s ridiculous. My Amazon wishlist is here!

⇒ I’ve heard friends rave about these brush pens and I’m so keen on trying them myself! This is an Akashiya natural bamboo brush pen with silk case from Jet Pens.

⇒ Lomography is still pretty trendy, and I want in! This Diana+ film camera might be the end of Proper Photography For Serious Photographers or the beginning of Fun for Natalie, Eff the Haters :P

⇒ I’m a fan of tools, they help me make things! I have had a niggling desire to get into pyrography, or woodburning, for a few months now and a Dremel 2000 VersaTip would allow me to burn my doodlings into wood perfectly.

So let’s forget modesty or entitlement shame – what do you really want right now?


  1. I hear ya on the scalloped pinking shears. I have a pair with a yellow and blue plastic handle. Only cheapies, but don't get them if you see 'em!! The blades don't even line up so they only work if you like a TORN look with only occasional scallops.

    Oh and your illustrations are perfectly suited to woodburning! I can just see your paislies cascading down the side of a thick shelf or table… Or chair. Or cabinet… Yep, yep!

  2. I've gone through a few pair of the cheapy paper cutting scallop scissors, and blunted one pair in particular cutting felt!!

    Had I a woodburning tool I think Nick would have to restrain me from doodling on EVERY piece of wood furniture we own! haha!

  3. I've been reading your blog for a great while now, so how did I not know that you're also into the skeptic-y, science-y, atheist-y stuff, evidenced by your wish list? Haha. I haven't seen you 'round Skepchick and such!

  4. :P
    I keep thinking about going to the library, but I am the sort of horrid person who forgets about things people have loaned her! The librarians would be riding my ass for months, eep!

  5. I'd never heard of Skepchick before! The internet is too vast :D
    I'll check it out now, I don't have time for much foruming but when I've done it there've always been an intimidating amount of men!

  6. My brother's birthday IS Giftman. He's complained about it his whole life: “I ONLY GET ONE DAY A YEAR FOR PRESEEEEENTS.” Every year. He turns 30 this Giftmas.

    I like to tell him that his birthday is unimportant, because of Jesus. I don't believe in Jesus, but it's fun to taunt.

  7. I'm not into designer bags but while out browsing in Selfridges last week looking at ish I can't afford, I spotted a Balenciaga motorcycle bag in a purple, red, green and grey colourway that nearly made me faint on the spot.

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