1. If you're going to use them a lot, get the Rotring Isograph set rather than the Rapidograph. They're exactly the same, except with the isograph you refill the ink from a little (supplied) squeezy bottle rather than having to buy new ink cartridges every time it runs out.

  2. I could not get the drawing point section to snap down for opening the capillary cartridge. I tried:

    1. pushing it in with fingers
    2. putting on the sleeve to assist but it does not go down far enough to “bite” on the thread.

    and finally:
    3. turning the sleeve the other way over the nib to push it down – this worked! I continued to put the sleeve on correctly per instructions, put on the lid and shook the pen 3 times, and it now writes.

  3. I disagree. There is too much messy “maintenance” involved in using Isograph pens. I used them in High School Drafting long ago, before I knew of the Rapidograph College Sets. Well, both Fate and Carelessness intervened one time and I lost my Isograph Set. Back to the store I went and was introduced to the Rapidograph pens. Their refilling method is fantastic, and there is no messy messing about with Rinsing, Cleaning Fluid, and Accidental Ink Leaks from using the Ink Bottle.

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