Friday Fance: Crowdfanced

I’ve had a bit of a bummer of a week with some sad things happening that have disturbed my fance. It seems that when I’m busy and sad I don’t really collect many images, so I mostly crowdsourced the Fance this week on tumblr and this is the result…

I found this on Tumblr and there’s no word on who the group are. They are infinitely fancy though! It was originally posted by bitter and thirsty, but I found it by way of I love fat.

I just love the all black with the explosion of colour at the collar. Via Copenhagen Street Style.

Dior is never not fancy. The Cruella hair is amazing, I have a thing for silver streaks! Thanks Heidi for submitting this.

I think umbrellas are great, in rain and shine. This one is freaking adorable and craps all over my animal print one! Lulu Guinness have heaps of other fancy brollies too (love the cameo one too). Thank you ukulady!

I think this gorgeous building is in the running to be my place of residence. If only human eyes could see infrared! This photo was taken by Gian Guido Zurli and I found it via Kim.

Here’s to next week being 20 times better!


  1. is Lulu Guiness where i can purchase the clear umbrella from above? i clicked in the link and didn't see it in their umbrella collection. i love it!! Thank you!

  2. Hey Natalie, Hope everything is alright?
    I love that huge frilly thing around that girl's neck.
    Hair dress and hair rock too!

    Molly is a good name for a dawgee!

  3. Hi~ that top pic is a group I was part of (I am on the far right) officially called Big Burlesque (our shows were often called the Fat Bottom Revue), when we performed at Tease-O-Rama, a huge annual burlesque convention/showcase. In 2003 (i think that’s when we were there) it was at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater in Hollywood What a rush to perform on that stage! And how lovely to just be cruising around online, nostalgic for that time in my past, looking for photos, and here this is with so much love! xoxo

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