‘sup Brisbane

The Brisbane Chapel

I am in Melbourne this week, but I wanted to show you some photos I took of Brisbane last week. Despite all its problems and complete lack of love for anything cultural that isn’t state funded, Brisbane is my home town and I can’t help but feel sentimental about it.

The eye

Lots of people seem to like this photo, because I mean who doesn’t like a grown-up ferris wheel? I’m a bit grumpy that it has to be branded with the Channel 7 logo though. And it’s expensive (I’ve not been for a ride yet because it doesn’t seem worth it!)

Too tall to duck under the bridge

I don’t want to be one of those Brisbane-born creatives that are afflicted with the Brisbane Cringe, but I think I may have to betray my city in the next few years. I am sad that I don’t know how to make it better, maybe when I’m older I’ll have enough experience and wisdom to feel up to taking on the task.

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  1. Best photo of the wheel I've seen! I haven't been for a ride on it either… I mean, it's for tourists, right?

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