Help pick a tagline for Jucy!

Two fantastic women I know are working very hard on a film called Jucy, which is all about friendship and women and being the best, most amazing person you can be.

Jackie and Lucy are best friends. Although their high school days are long behind them, nothing much has changed. Jackie’s social anxiety is still not under control and she remains incapable of a mature relationship with a man. Lucy is plus-sized, still lives with her mother and hasn’t finished either of the university degrees she started. The pair spend all their time reading magazines, smoking pot and just being fabulous.

Accused of being weird and immature, the girls set out to prove themselves on the adult world’s terms… but will the bond between them survive, or will the pressure to be normal bring their womance undone?

What happens when desire for social acceptance steps in the path of true friendship?

Jucy – a snippet from KCDC on Vimeo.

Check out this scene to get a feeling for Jackie and Lucy’s friendship.

Jucy is directed by Louise Alston and produced by Kelly Chapman, and I even had the good fortune to be involved in the movie (you can see some of my illustrations here and there in it!) Jucy is almost ready to be seen by the world, but first it needs a tagline. You can help by filling out the poll, or even suggesting one you’ve come up with in the comments!


  1. I voted for “A love story of platonic proportions.” but I really loved “A friend in need is sometimes, just needy.” and “BFF is the new black.” too!

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