Thank you, Yoko

This quote comes to me at such a good time, because I have been grieving my uncle and feeling quite sad about everything. I love the way Yoko Ono approaches life and her statements resonate deep within me.

Question: Is there any way to get rid of depressed feeling? lost my loved one 9 months ago, i don’t know how i start or what should do first.

Yoko: As you know, I lost mine in a very cruel way. So I think I understand what you are going through. First, you have to thank the fact that you are still alive. You look around the nature which are alive. Budding branches. A shining river. The light that shines on everything which shines on you, too. Nature is busy being active as usual. working So you cannot be sitting in your room. You want to go outside, and tune into that. Because you are part of nature, too. In the mirror in the morning, you should try to smile. Keep smiling every day. Soon you will be able to smile, naturally from your heart. Then from the tummy. Then with your whole body. Say thank you, whenever you have a chance to say. Even when somebody is mean to you. Just say thank you. If anything good happens in your life – even a small thing – just say I’m glad. If you did something awkward, just say oh, that was bad. And move on. Thank you, I’m glad, that was bad. It keeps you moving and moving out of the terrible sadness you experienced.

This is similar to how I’ve dealt with sadness and loss in the past, so I was heartened to be reminded of it again. I hope it can help you, if you need it!


  1. It's very buddhist. Was she a buddhist? I'm not really familiar with Yoko. Beautiful way of looking at things. It's just that constent mindfulness of your feelings at every second, feel your feelings and be okay with them.Anger, sadness, frustration, contentment.. it all comes and goes, so nothing is permanent, just take the ride with them. That is what I try to do, the struggle for me is the mindfulness, we are so trained to fight our feelings if they are ''bad'' that remembering to just let them be is difficult at times.

    haha… apologise I tend to ramble when it comes to this subject.

  2. I'm really not sure what Yoko Ono believes or doesn't believe! She always has the best responses to questions though, and seems to be really grounded and self aware. I aspire to be like her!

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