Outfit of the BBQ

BBQ afternoon

I did something really brave the other day – I wore a sleeveless dress without a shrug or a cardigan. A lot of people think that I would be the last person to have an issue with my body, but that isn’t the case! For years I’ve been bothered by the lack of dresses and shirts with proper sleeves in plus sizes, and have gotten around it by layering a shirt underneath the garment, or a cardigan over it. But the other day I had enough! I decided, after suffering a Brisbane summer under wraps, that I was going to Challenge The Paradigm and go sleeveless and if anyone had an issue with it they could sod right off!

Dress: City Chic (The skirt is affected by chronic wrinkleitis!)
Leggings: Big W
Sandals: Evans
Necklace: Chain and pendant were gifts!

We can do it!

Please note my snazzy arm brace for treatment of my alleged “Tennis Elbow”. I think they should call it “Workaholic’s Elbow”, to be honest.


  1. Hooray and well done for going sleeveless!
    I don't like to be all spammy and plug my blog, but I'm running a summer fatshion challenge on my blog and going sleeveless is one of the challenges I set because it's something I really struggle with. Here's the link if you're interested in my summer fatshion challenge (that you've already completed 1/3 of!): http://www.pretty-in-plus.com/2010/03/i-challen

  2. Why are women in general more uncomfortable with showing their arms than any other body part? I don't know any women who like going sleeveless… strange really!

  3. We're just coming out of summer here, but that didn't stop my friends and I from getting in the pool yesterday :P
    I did take a photo of my outfit (which incorporated my animal print togs) but I felt a bit too scared to take a photo in togs only!! Now I've got to see if I've got any horizontal prints anywhere….!

  4. I know someone who once said to another person who was hesitant to show his arms, “You know everyone's got arms!” It's true, but yeh… it's a common anxiety :(

  5. Well done for no sleeves. I dont think I could do that, myself.
    What is your opinion of the “batwing” (I feel so stupid saying that word) but it seems like a cop out to me – even though they are sometimes OK and sometimes flattering.
    I am 100% with you on a petition to get good sleeves on plus size clothes. URGH to them!

  6. I haven't met many batwings that I am a fan of, I'm afraid, and it's mostly to do with how the sleeve is finished. I don't like a huge baggy open sleeve that is too short, as I am tall and have wide shoulders. I don't like the silhouette it gives me and I feel I look too imposing.

    I do like batwings in a jersey fabric and a solid colour, but haven't seen any in plus sized brick and mortar stores. I don't think I'd order one online just to try because I'm so iffy on them!

  7. you look wonderful in that outfit gal.. and I'm so happy to see that you don't do what other girls have this habit of doing lately when taking photo's of themselves.. slouching. :)

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