Five Faves

I’m joining in on the Five Faves bandwagon, as started by the lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mikes. I am tardy, as per usual because I am busy and important (tongue firmly planted in cheek, watch it sprout!)

1. Lady Gaga! She’s challenging and presents thoughtful art to the world. I just like her, is all.

2. Discovering blogs. I’m so pleased with the explosion of fatshion blogs on this here internets, here are some I’ve come across this week: Chubble Bubble, The Full Nilson, Buttons, Bows & Brogues, and Pretty in Plus.

3. Watch the baby piglet bliss out in his little spa. Truly adorable!

4. Space. I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid, but in high school I was dissuaded from pursing science and physics. In the last few years I’ve caught up a little and renewed my love for physics and cosmology. Nick and I watched the launch of the Discovery the other night and it was breathtaking (literally). I can’t believe there are only three more missions before the NASA space programme is put on hold. I hope they move on to even more exciting things and that this isn’t the end of space exploration and research.

5. Shoes! I only wish I could wear high heels without feeling like my arches are going to implode! I may just be able to wear these Evans heels, as they’re more than wide enough for my foot, but I’m too nervous to buy them and find out. So I’ll just pine after them for five minutes and move on!

Join the shenanigans here!
(You’ll see I entered the url for my post in all arse-about-face, oops.)


  1. Thanks for the link, Natalie! I should get on this five faves bandwagon. I wish I could wear high heels too, but a lifetime of sensible footwear has made that a non-reality.

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