New clobber: let me show you it

There is nothing more thrilling than being roused by the postie making an early morning parcel delivery and then sitting in bed ripping everything open like a 4 year old on Christmas day. Oh wait, there is something more exciting… trying everything on and having it all fit perfectly!

It seems like I’ve been waiting weeks for my packages from Asos and Evans, and for the last few days I’ve had to endure the torture of two public holidays and the weekend. When it all came I had to take photos straight away so I could show you my brilliant purchases!

I’m feeling the oversized tunic right now, and this Evans purple tee is very cute and comfy. I ought to have photographed the back – two brass buttons and a fabric loop cinch it a little tighter! When my Mum gave me this necklace I loved it but wasn’t sure what to wear it with but I think its opera-fance clashes nicely with this comfy everyday outfit. The Asos Curve skinny jean replaces my much-worn Smile Land jeans which gave up the ghost promptly when we arrived home from Melbourne. They’re a sturdy denim, so I hope they’ll withstand the amount of trudging I do!

T-shirt: Evans
Skinny jeans: ASOS Curve
Necklace: Gift from my Mum
Sunglasses: Some chemist, somewhere.
Shoes: Evans

These Evans canvas shoes are so cute! I bought them in the E fitting, as I find the EEE is often too wide for me (and I have pretty wide feet!) Surprisingly, they were a little narrow but you can re-do the lacing. Fabulous.

The weather is almost mild enough to wear the infamous domino dress, but I wanted to pair the Asos Curve mesh leggings with something kind of OTT. I bought the leggings because Black Milk don’t want to take my money, but never fear, the Asos leggings are definitely a good stand-in!

Dress: Beth Ditto for Evans (Not new!)
Leggings: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Evans

Hayley has had me craving some sandals for months now, so I was overjoyed to be in possession of these fabulous Evans cage sandals. 11/10!

My favourite, FAVOURITE thing: the Asos Curve fitted waist dress. When I’ve got the dosh I’m definitely doubling back for the navy and black versions.

Dress: ASOS Curve
Leggings: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Evans
Necklace: Diva
Hair bow: Chapeau Claudette – a gift from the visionary Makalita


  1. I <3 everything! Want those mesh leggings so bad, may have to make an Asos order. Also I'm really glad to hear that the Asos skinnies are a good potential replacement for my SmiLeLand jeans, cos mine are dying too.


    I want to get that ASOS dress in red and navy, too! What size are you wearing, here?

  3. The big bead necklace is hilarious, my mum buys some awesome and frivolous things some times! It actually seems to be a tube of satin knotted around lots of polystyrene balls. DIY!!

    I am between a UK 24 and 26, and I think I went for the 26 in that red dress because I didn't want to have it arrive and not fit.

  4. loving your latest clothes haul! particularly that necklace – how awesome! and that red dress is just sassy

  5. Ok so I love all of it! I really like the colour of the Evans shirt/tunic. I'm liking those at the moment too, but they're all fricken' black or grey when I see them. Purpleyish is my colour. I think the red dress is my favouritest though. Oh, and I love the domino dress. I would love to see Gabby Sidibe rocking that one too.

  6. You know, there's no way to say this that isn't going to sound politically incorrect, but I'll try. Whenever I see you, I see, what appears to be to me, a perfectly normal body. I'm conflicted about saying that because I know that this is a PC area that is fraught with difficulty. Fashion should be about looking better, not looking slimmer and looking slimmer doesn't mean that someone looks better.

    What I'm failing to say succinctly here (a big worry for an Arts student) is that you look like what a “normal” and “very attractive” girl looks like to me. You know what looks amazing on you and you rock it.

    I'm always impressed by you style and fancy-ness.

    You should give serious thought to being a stylist.

  7. I love the asos fitted dress! I have it in navy, because I already have a red tunic of about the same length, and I need to mix my colours up a bit more. I'm having real problems with shoes at the moment – Evans stuff is also longer than normal, as well as wider, so my size 7 foot just falls out of their 7 shoes. I'm going to try a size down, rather than a width down.

  8. Wow that domino dress is stunning. So is everything else but I have a thing for mod style dresses :)

    Are the canvas shoes comfortable? They are so cute. I'd never be brave enough to order shoes online, I have enough trouble with buying shoes in person then finding they kill my feet after an hours wear.

  9. When I bought my first pair of shoes from Evans I didn't even think to consider that UK sizing might be different to Australian sizing, so I bought my customary size 10 and was shocked to put the lovely pair of t-bar heels on and have my foot swim in them. UK shoe sizing is 2 sizes bigger than Australian sizes! Doh! Since sizing down to a UK 8 I've not had an issue with length, but width is still a bit of an issue in a couple of the shoes I've bought. One pair of sandals I have are a little bit dangerous to walk in because they are so wide. Eep!

    I wish you all the best in your future shoe purchases!

  10. Aw thanks. My sisters have always told me that I'm “lucky I have proportional features”, so maybe that's why people don't actually realise how big/ tall I am in real life!

    Fashion styling would be fun but I don't think I could cut it in the real world. I'm not that into trends and prefer to make up stories in my head that I illustrate with clothes on myself. Because I don't care too much for “flattering” outfits, I'd probably never get work :P

  11. I really love the domino dress because it's a lot like the Jeremy Scott print dresses that Beth Ditto wears. I would buy SO MANY more if they were available.

    I have very high arches and just figure that foot pain in cheap shoes is a given, but these are as comfy as they get. I do have one small issue with my big toe rubbing on one bit, but that's because that foot is bigger than the other!

  12. nice choices! That red dress in particular seems like it was made for you (excellent fit, length and suits you). The domino dress as well – wonderful! I wish she would do another line, now that I am back in plus! I also wish I could find a body-con dress that fit me properly and came down past my bum (my long torso turns a lot of more fitted dresses into shirts).

  13. You look GREAT! I especially love the domino dress. And the lace up flats are too cute.

  14. I have never seen such a fancy giant ball necklace. It is such a fabulous accessory and looks so great with your white sunnies.
    That city chic dress is also fab. Especially the arms:)

  15. Those cage sandals looks awesome on you – I never would have looked at them twice on the site but seeing them on, I'm sold, especially with the leggings!

  16. Love these! Every outfit looks amazing on you. I especially love the second outfit, I already have the dress so maybe it's time I got the leggings!

  17. I have wanted that domino dress for so long! I miss living in the UK and being able to hit up Evans and ASOS…I drool with envy at everything I see on your blog! I'm adding you to my blogroll – I'm a sassy fatshionista myself!

  18. That red dress is just drop-dead amazing on you. Definitely get the other colours…then get a dressmaker to copy the pattern! It's worth the investment – you look so good, and it's the kind of style you'll still be wearing when you're 60.

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