Friday Fance: Dripping with Fance

Love these beaded rosettes! I am pretty inspired to see if I can make myself something similar. Lots of something similar, and cover myself in them! This is from a photoshoot done for Numéro #112, and found via Amy Uhrich‘s blog.

I love Elsa Mora, and her work. I don’t know if I’ve adequately expressed how influential she is on me, but let me say… she produces the most lovely work, and radiates with the most lovely niceness of any person on earth. Not only did she create the papercut in this pendant, but she also sculpted the frame and had it cast in brass. I love the objects she makes, they echo the notion of giving and loving that I am concerned with in my own work.

I caught the work of stylist Anita Kaushal on decor8 and was furiously right click and saving this image within minutes! My Mum and Dad are moving into a new house soon and I know Mum loves these foil wallpapers, so I thought I’d dedicate this to her.

Another gorgeous image via decor8, I can’t help it! These objects are by Ferry Staverman, who possesses a sense of shape that I really envy. Go check out his site and revel in the playful lines.

While I understand the gloriousness of the cephalopod, I don’t tend to go crazy for octapus stuff but when I saw this Adam Wallacavage chandelier on Jo’s tumblr I thought it was pretty freaking awesome. I think it’s a combination of the excellent form of the tentacles, the functionality and fanciness of a chandelier as well as the gorgeous colour scheme that makes this so brilliant.


  1. wow natalie i love the decor8 photo! that was such a breath of fresh air.

  2. Hi Natalie, I sent you an e-mail about the “your body in 10 words” project on your gmail account – can you let me know if it is still active? Thank you. :)

  3. Hi Layla, I probably did get your email but I'm so behind in replying to my emails it's obscene! I am hoping to tend to most of them in the next few days :D

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