Wherein I wear clothes in another city

I’ve had a pretty exciting week, and not all of it due to the crazy amount of blog love (and a bit of stern e-disapproval!) This past few days I’ve been in Melbourne taking part in a body image project and meeting the fabulous Jacqui, and then last night I got news that I will be speaking at the Australasian Fat Studies conference to be held at Macquarie University in September. You could say it’s been Fat Week, because the phrase has most certainly passed my lips in the last few days! I’m feeling very awesome about my little place within the movement, and grateful to know so many fantastic activists.

So anyway, I’ve been wearing clothes again, which has been excellent since I’ve been in Melbourne, an absolute fashion playground. I am always inspired by what people wear down there. It’s pretty cold at the moment – about as bad as a really cold Brisbane winter and it’s only May! I had to learn to love the layer, and fast.

They say people wear a lot of black in Melbourne, and it’s always been something I doubted, however it was pretty much confirmed on this trip. I have a lot of black clothing but also some really bright garments, so I decided to go a bit nuts with the red and blue. It’s a pretty jarring combination that vibrates a lot! I got a lot of glowering looks, as if they were somehow trying to mind-wrangle my eyeball-gougingly cheery outfit into submission.

Dress – Asos Curve
Leggings – Asos Curve
Cardigan – City Chic
Shoes – Evans
Necklace – Lola and Bailey

When we went out to get dinner I decided that head to toe black was necessary. If only I had a black pashmina! I bought the sparkly boots I’m wearing from Target that morning. They are quite magical.

Dress – Target
Jacket – 1626 (now Autograph)
Leggings – Asos Curve
Cardigan – City Chic
Boots – Target
Necklace – Lola and Bailey
Scarf – gift

And today I wore grey, cream and black with the gorgeous scarf Sonya gave me a few years ago. This shirt is also from Target in Bourke St – it never disappoints for plus size shopping, in fact, I would like to meet their buyer and take them out for lunch.

Shirt – Target
Cardigan – Kmart
Skirt – Yours Clothing
Leggings – Big W
Shoes – Evans
Scarf – Gift
Sunglasses and watch – Bijoux Terner

Life is pretty chaotic at the moment, and things seem to be moving really quickly. This is problematic because I need time to tend to all my stuff, it just doesn’t seem to be tending to itself! If you don’t see many posts from me next week I’m most likely digging my way out of my inbox or working on commissions and artwork for exhibitions. It’s not fair, I have so much I want to write about!


  1. Good on you for this blog about the clothes. I was amazed with the difference a bright hair colour made for a +size employee of mine. She looks amazing & the new do drew attention up to her face & everyone commented how great she looks now. She has even started tucking tops in instead of covering up. But to do that she has to accessorize carefully. Black is great to wear & it's true it's core daily wardrobe here ;)

  2. I had that blue sparkly cardi. I loved that blue sparkly cardi. But I loaned it to someone who was cold and I can't remember who and now I don't have it anymore and I am sad.

  3. We wear so much black here and I have NO idea why I can only imagine the stares your red and blue outfit got you – I am thinking our dull colour choices when it comes to clothes goes with the dull weather? You've inspired me to buy the ASOS curve mesh leggings. You put your outfits together so well (I envy this) you sure are one stylish lady my dear!! <3

  4. You look great! I love bright colors, especially in the miserable cold. I just wanted to add to your e-love and tell you that you (and the ladies at Threadbared) inspired me to post some of my own thoughts to the discussion of hatred and how to deal with it on my blog. XO

  5. I love red and turquoise together, therefore think that top outfit is the cutest. I find you so immensely inspiring!

  6. Wow you are looking super super adorable in all these outfits! Love the first one especially.

  7. I like your taste in clothes and city's (I am a Melbourne woman) I think it is great you are taking an activist role. Great job ;-)

  8. I LOVE the colours you put together in your outfits, you really inspire me to see if I can source more complexly coloured garments. It's hard though because so many plus sized clothes are black!

  9. Nice outfits Natalie! You always look awesome. I know what you mean about the sea of black in Melbs. When I was there this time last week my partner and I started to play – spot the bright colours… then it just turned into -spot any colour whatsoever. haha But seriously, it made me realise just how different Brisbane is in that regard, I think we tend to celebrate colour a lot more here….. not having a go at you Melbourne, I still love you!! hehe

  10. Wish I had known you were in Melbourne as I was too! Next time you are down this way let me know and we might be able to catch up! Sorry I wasnt able to help you with your abstract, some real life drama was going on here and I was offline and only had my phone to check emails (replying to them is a real hassle). Anyway I felt really bad as I had said I would help you and then I disappeared pretty much. So sorry! (I will be presenting at the conference too!)

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