Friday Fance: For rainy days

In my late night internet traversings I came across Miss Platnum, a Romanian-German singer who combines hip hop, R&B and folk music. She is beyond stunning, right?

This is part of a installation work by Finnish artist Johnna Pohjalainen. When I first saw this picture I did a double take because the scale confused me so much. They look like actual pencils! Do click through and see the other photos of this work, the installed upright pencils look like they are colouring the sky, the clouds and the sunset.

These invitations are the work of Aaron Scamihorn who goes by the name of Ron Lewhorn. He says they were designed for a friend who was having a party based on the theme of these horse races. Because, like so many wonderful images, this was posted to tumblr uncredited I spent ages trying to source the designer! I’m glad I did, this work is wonderful.

Crabs freak me out, but this Purple Shore Crab taken by Pete McGregor is certainly a fancy one! I love the purple colour on its front claws and the adorable upturned eyes.

I know white washed walls and furniture are really hip right now, but I’m into it. It appeals to my desire for natural light and sparseness, because I actually live in a dim, dank cavern of an apartment with only pin-pricks of natural light coming through. This fancy-framed mirror juxtaposes nicely with the stacked packing pallets. Yes, I said juxtaposes. Please don’t unsubscribe. The Selby took this photo – you should go and look at the rest if you enjoy this aesthetic.


  1. I am a huge fan of that type of ironic juxtiposition in the last photo. I have super modern chairs around my round antique kitchen table. Love it.

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