I drew for Charlie Mayfair

A little while ago I met a couple of lovely ladies from a band called Charlie Mayfair and they asked me to draw some things for their debut EP and a poster for the launch. It was really cool working with them. I’ve never had a client who actually let me indulge so deeply in my illustrative design style, and to find them a unique visual voice was a distinct pleasure.

You should go and listen to them here and if you’re in south east Queensland do catch one of their gigs too. I’m pretty chuffed that I got to design stuff for a band whose music I really like, and to me they have a real Brisbane sort of sound which I find hard to describe. Some time ago I was a big fan of another Brisbane band, george, and their music reminds me a lot of those days! If you like gentle folky pop with harmonies, you’ll probably like Charlie Mayfair a lot too.

If you’d like to see a few more photos of the poster and CD you can take a gander at my portfolio.


  1. Beautiful!

    Speaking of george and Katie Noonan, have you heard her most recent album? She has a new band now and she's sounding a lot like she did in george.

    Her side project “Elixir” was by far my favourite, though. If you don't have that album (also called Elixir) I recommend it. It's one for iTunes though – pretty hard to find in a store.

    I'm of to listen to Charlie Mayfair now!

  2. I have listened to Elixir's album a lot, but it is difficult for me to listen to it because I associate it with really bad times. And that really sucks because it IS so gorgeous!!!

  3. That really does suck.

    I'd be investing in hypnotism and/or exorcism if I was in your shoes. That album is worth the effort!

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