Stones Corner Yarnbombing

Today Nick and I toddled down to Stones Corner to hang out with some friends who were in the area, and I was excited to see that the area had been yarnbombed. I knew there was a yarnbombing event coming up (psst, go here and confirm your attendance!) but I didn’t know that the bombing had begun already!

Here’s the story of the Stones Corner Yarnbombers:

We are a protest group who are reclaiming our space at Stones Corner. We are reacting against the government’s resumption of houses along the outbound side of Old Cleveland Rd to build a busway. We have lost friends and neighbours and as MY house is right next to the construction, our house is on the chopping block. We just want to stay strong and fight our way through it as we love where we live and we are raising our little family and don’t want to leave.

From a community point of view we also wanted to put up our art to show our support for the shops as over the last few years there has been a pretty steady decline. We just want to make some beautiful things that people can look at. We want you to touch them, adjust them, respect them coz we made them for you :)

Zoe is pretending she’s a lickle bird in the nest obviously!

See the rest under the cut!

Want to know more about yarnbombing? Check out too!


  1. i have some issues with yarnbombing – too often people don't take the pieces down and they end up clogging waterways. Especially if cheap synthetic yarn is used, it's environmentally hazardous.

    Yep, i'm a downer.

  2. Wow, these yarnbombers are amazing! It reminds me of an article on Threadbared on Lisa Ann Auerbachs knitted sweaters and bags protesting against the Iraq War and just the idea of reclaiming traditionally domestic acts (like knitting) and subverting them and politicizing them. Awesome, all around, thanks for introducing me to this!

  3. I hope the organisers would be open to talking about this. I'd thought about it myself but assumed that they'd be taking it down after a while because they seem to care about the community. (I assume too much of the time though!)

  4. I'm glad I could introduce it to someone new! I've seen knit graffiti and yarn bombing round the internet for a while (and know people who do seditious cross stitching too) so I figured that everyone already knew about it. It's silly how I always assume I'm the last to know about cool stuff. :D

  5. Hello Yarnbombers – you are brightening the landscape and you are bringing joy and delight. Thank you and good luck. Regards, Libby and family

  6. wow you are a downer! I live at stones corner and have not seen any woolly creations washing into our already disgustingly polluted waterways

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