Morning tea with Charlie Mayfair

This morning four of the five lovely members of Charlie Mayfair came over for tea and cake. I thought I’d break out some lemon sour cream cake (it’s so good that this is the SECOND cake I’ve made in the last few weeks!) and for the first time ever the red polka dot tea set Mum gave me!

After chatting about people wanting to eat their CD, pets with human names and Muse’s astronomical live show budget the guys went and fetched some instruments and serenaded Nick and I in our lounge room with a NEW song. What an excellent Sunday morning!

Some people have asked me if they can buy Charlie Mayfair’s debut EP online, and now you can! Go listen, it’s lovely music.


  1. How lovely!
    Is that recipe one that can be found online? I love sour cream cakes.
    I have the same tea set in black and white. Love it!

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