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This is the soundtrack to this post. If you haven’t heard this, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? You can thank me for the earworm in cupcakes. I never want the harmonised version at the end of this to end, so good.

Swimsuits, Facebook groups, and Ranty McRant Rants.
Adrienne buys a bikini and gets angry about people who try to deny her self esteem. I’m glad I got a trackback from her link back to my post, because I am always really heartened to see more people discussing better body image, advocating self acceptance and love. I was cheering along for Adrienne by the end of the post!

Crystal Renn on Her Skinny Photos: “I Don’t Look Like That”
There’s been a lot of discussion about Crystal Renn’s body, and how many people think she is losing weight. I don’t like to discuss other people’s bodies because their personal bodies are their personal business, but it was really awesome to read how Renn feels about the ways in which her body is used and discussed.

Disability is relevant to feminism because women experience disability, and because disability-related oppression often manifests in gender-specific ways. Disabled women are raped at a disproportionate rate. The bodies of women with disabilities are seen as public property, subjected to rude and invasive questioning.

Disability is relevant to feminism, part infinity: Study shows that long-lived women have higher rate of disability
A fantastic post about why you should be thinking about disability, especially if you’re a feminist.

Diets are not a girls best friend.
Dr Samantha Thomas is an awesome FA friend from Twitter who is one of Australia’s leading Health Sociologists with Monash University. Samantha has recently started a new blog after writing a couple of fantastic guest posts on other Australian FA blogs like Spilt Milk and Fat Heffalump. Do go have a read! This particular post is an analysis of a weight loss segment on Australian daytime TV show, The Circle, in which Magda Szubanski, Chrissie Swan and the other panelists discussed diet products. I’m glad I didn’t watch – I adore Magda and Chrissie, and seeing them peddle these horrible products really tarnishes my opinion of them.

“Using abortion as a form of birth control”
This whole post is full of, pardon my internet-speak, win. Abortion IS a form of birth control.

The Dangers of Standing Out
Victoria Suzanne writes about her experience wearing lolita outfits in public, in the city and in more regional areas, and the kind of hurtful and sometimes violent reactions she receives. I get so upset at hearing about the poor treatment of people who do not dress to conform. I have some experience of this when I was younger (having visible body modifications and wearing expressive outfits), and it was distressing.

Fat Acceptance, at its foundation, is about believing there is no such thing as an unacceptable body.


It doesn’t matter if your body is a size 4 or a 14 or a 24 or a 34 or AND SO ON. YOUR BODY IS OKAY.

Second Verse, Same As the First; Fat Acceptance Is For Everyone
Marianne writes a beautiful manifesto on how fat acceptance is relevant to every person, in every body.

Image macro of Wilford Brimley's head photoshopped onto a body wearing a t-shirt that says "BITCHES DONT KNOW BOUT MY DIABEETUS

Support the Twitterbetics!
A couple of my mates on twitter, @swimboi85 and @pressdarling, are fellow Type 1 Diabetics and I asked them if they’d like to do the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes and raise money with me. Our team name is Twitterbetics and we have the coolest mascot ever. If you’d like to sponsor us, we’d really appreciate it!

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  1. The lolita post really hits home for me too; being a “freaky looking” (read: mohawk, rainbow hair, tattoos) girl in a small town can be super dehumanizing. I got soo upset/angry one time because I was working as a cashier at Target and this little dipshit (who was totally old enough to know better, like 15-16) took out his camera phone and took a picture of me while I was ringing up his mom's groceries. He didn't ask and his mom didn't even reprimand him! UGH.

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