Photo of Natalie's silhouette, she's walking away from the camera along a wooden walkway into a solar flare.

An OOTD experiment, including some amazing sunglasses

An overly edited photo of Natalie walking away down a wooden walkway, a sunflare blowing out most of the top third of the picture.
If you like checking out other people’s outfits, you’ll have come across this sort of photo before. Now it’s my turn to bastardise the whimsical outfit photo! (I’m not hating, I swear!) Yesterday was a day of huge amusement, with all the Lane Bryant/ #teamfance drama so I was feeling a bit playful and asked Nick to take a bunch of silly photos so I could run them through the whimsy machine (i.e: Photoshop).

An overly edited photo of Natalie wearing a pair of sunglasses with heavy black squarish frames.
I think my day started off on just the right note when there was a knock on the door and I got a big parcel from Kiki that included these AMAZEBORLZ Karen Walker sunglasses. I won them in her giveaway, can you believe it?! I feel shit hot in them, pardon my Français.

An overly edited photograph of a sun dappled walkway with the sun shining through tree branches. A bicyclist rides away from the viewer.
Nick and I managed to get out of the house in the afternoon to visit the Ron Mueck exhibition at GoMA. We’d made a date earlier in the week to see it Friday, but the morning drama threw a few spanners in our planning. We simply HAD to see the Mueck show, because it’s closing this weekend and neither of us had seen it yet.

An overly edited photograph of Natalie on the GoMA Brisbane lawn, the river and CBD in the background.
I’m not usually the type of blogger to post lots and lots of photos of my outfits. For me it’s strictly about documentary and visibility, because my camera’s not so great and in order to pull off the editorial style of other bloggers a lot of time and effort must be invested. (I’m also convinced I need a fancy DSLR for that kind of thing.) When I throw the camera at Nick and order him to snap a photo of what I’m wearing, we’re usually running late with no time to dilly dally! I’m also pretty shocking at posing, I just feel so awkward. And not kind of awkward either, sadly.

A photograph of Natalie against a decorative brick wall. She wears a black bubble dress over black leggings with a gold/black pin striped blazer and sandal boots with buckles up the front.
Let’s come back from whimsy land so you can see what I’m actually wearing!

Bubble dress: Yours Clothing
Leggings: Asos Curve
Blazer: Ebay score for $11 (including postage!) from years ago.
Shoes: Evans
Sunglasses: Karen Walker Sir Bookies
Rose and circular gem ring: City Chic
Amber rectangular gem ring: Evans
Floral bangle: City Chic
Scarf in my bun: Gift from Sonya

Photograph of Natalie's right hand, she wears two large rings: one a 3D pink flower, the other an amber rectangular gem.

Photograph of Natalie's left hand, she wears a huge round black faceted gem ring and a plastic bangle with a floral print trapped inside.
And don’t you love these massive rings? I do. I would love nothing more than to have hands clad in grotesquely ginormous jewellery. (Oh yes, in posts I need to write in the future: How Fat Girls Don’t Always Have The Best Accessories, Because Things Like Rings and Bangles Are Usually Too Small.

So I hope you enjoyed this epic outfit post. I’ll endeavour to spend more time taking photos of what I wear but it does require a big time and effort investment. I honestly can’t hate on the bloggers who do edit their photos like this and post multiple shots. Lots of toil goes into it!

The Ron Mueck exhibition was wonderful, by the way. If you’re local to Brisbane you have until Sunday to get yourself to GoMA!


  1. I really like those pics! The whimsy filter totally rocks :) I kind of abuse it on my own blog… but I'm not sorry :) (and I know you're not hating)

  2. You look gorgeous! I really love your accessories!! Are the rings width wide? I have chubby fingers and I find it hard to find big chunky rings to fit….

    As for Lane Bryant, they should've known they was making a mistake. You're an inspiration to the fatosphere, and they were fools.


  3. I really love this outfit! You look gorgeous and also super cool!

    And I really understand what you mean about camera issues. I have a shitty point and shoot but refuse to spends hundreds-thousands in a new one any time soon. But good outfits shine through bad photos/cameras, I think :)

  4. Sweet outfit and sunnies! I looove Karen Walker, but they're a mint! Getting them for free is a pretty special thing. Brisbane looks mysteriously like Vancouver in these photos!

  5. Yes the rings are perfect for people with bigger fingers! Evans rings actually come in S, M, L and have the measurements available and City Chic just have one standard larger size.

    And thank you :D

  6. Thanks!
    My angst over not being able to afford a DSLR is ever persistent… I love taking photos and I get so frustrated with my little point and shoot! Though to be fair, you can take some marvelous photos with any sort of camera :) (I just want to be able to use different lenses!)

  7. Thank you Leah! I was so shocked when Kiki said I'd won the sunnies, I love them a lot.

    One day… I will visit Vancouver. I suspect I only want to because of the Jeff Buckley song :P

  8. Amazing blazer. And I hear you on the accessories! I am going to investigate City Chic to look for a bangle that will fit over my 'straight off the ham hock' hands.

  9. “I’m also convinced I need a fancy DSLR for that kind of thing.”

    Nonsense. I use a regular old point-and-click and it works just fine. And honestly, a lot of fashion bloggers (and people in general) who have a DSLR don't know what to do with it and the difference between the point-and-click photos and DSLR photos isn't that much. Or, as the Boyfriend puts it, “You just get bad photos in a higher resolution.” So don't get down about your lack of fancy camera! Your photos hold their own amongst the fash blog pack, don't worry.

    PS. I hate you for winning those sunnies and I adore that blazer you're wearing. I really need to get myself an awesome blazer.

  10. ahhh how awesome was the ron mueck show! harry's sister took me to see while we were over in brisbane and i was blown away!

  11. Beautiful beautiful beautiful
    Y'look so good, Natalie.
    Those glasses are amazing. How much are they? Because they look hellexpensive!

    I'm actually on the hunt for some new shades.
    Maybe those with a wooden frame would be crazy!


  12. Love the look! The blazer's fab. How'd you enjoy the Ron Mueck? Saw it when it was down here in Melbourne. A-MAZ-ING.

  13. The Mueck show was great, but the lighting was a little off. It was surprising because lots of the other shows I've seen at GoMA have been beautifully lit. I guess I'm just one of those oddbods who appreciates lighting :P

  14. Thanks Mel! I'm not sure how much the sunnies cost but Kiki mentioned she picked them up on sale!
    I've seen wooden framed reading glasses and loved them, wooden glasses really ought to be super trendy right now.

  15. Wow I love those black gladiator style shoes from Evans…if I still had a working debit card I would be buying them right now. The blazer is such a great find, I love the whole outfit.

  16. Spotless outfit. I may try to recreate it in the near future. Minus the awesome rings, because they don't make rings for fat fingers here.

    Ron Mueck is AWESOME. I hope they exhibit him anywhere near me at some point.

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