Detailed shot of my lettering saying "the global issue" on the front of Peppermint.

Print is dead, long live print!

I’m always very chuffed to be asked to be part of anything printed, whether it be a zine or a magazine because it means people are holding something that my lines embellish, acknowledging it and sometimes even keeping it for a while. Physical objects are important and they take up space in the real world, even if they are just ephemera in the scheme of things.

Cover of Eat Sleep Draw magazine - features a yellow gruesome illustration on a blue background.
Lee from Eat Sleep Draw did an interview with me for the third issue of the magazine. The cover is pretty fantastically gruesome!

Photo of open Eat Sleep Draw magazine, on the left page is "A line is all I need" and on the right page is my "Bad Ass" illustration

Photo of open Eat Sleep Draw magazine, on the left page is "Think beautiful" illustration and on the right an interview with me.

Cover of Absent Cause zine, features an illustration with lots of detailed linework depicting people swimming with red splotches.
Greg asked me to contribute to the Survival issue of Absent Cause. It’s a REALLY REALLY interesting zine, if you want to buy a copy head over here.

Inside Absent Cause zine, on the left is my illustration "Neatly daily" with a blurb about me.

Cover of Peppermint Magazine featuring a short haired, brown skinned woman wearing a white turtleneck top. My hand lettering is in the corner, it says "the global issue".
My regular lettering spot on the cover of Peppermint Magazine. It’s really awesome to see people loving Peppermint so hard, especially when print is supposedly dead.

Detailed shot of my lettering saying "the global issue" on the front of Peppermint.
This is one of my favourite bits of Peppermint lettering so far!


  1. if print dies then i die, i am a magazine addict and i need the physical product so i can rip out bits and pieces, i can't afford to print out a picture whenever i like one on the internet. i'm yet to get into online magazines also, it's just not the same

  2. I don't like online magazines because I'm a print fiend, but by the same token I really don't find myself buying magazines much anymore. Certainly not mainstream magazines, because they hurt my brain with all the contradictory messages. The last few times I've been on a plane I've stopped at the newsagency and looked with despair at the magazines, then headed straight to the paperbacks!

  3. I don't think print will ever die. I think the web/mag debate is starting to settle down and anyone interested in reading, researching and trawling a subject matter is going to try and get their hands on anything they can to further their knowledge or feed their addiction!:D xo

  4. by and large, the almost archaic form of media other than speech is taking a slow-dive into obsolescence. however, i believe that when nuclear winter renders all electronica dead via emp, we will once again revert to the millions of years old form of transcription and then steadily evolve back into print… its like a good, nasty cockroach… you just cant keep a good one down.

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