Photo of me laughing with a red hibiscus tucked behind my ear.

Outfit of the hens night

Outfit photo of me wearing a black dress with brass military style buttons at the bust, a long sleeve top under neath it and black leggings with black mary janes and a hibiscus flower behind my ear.

My sister’s hens night was last night and this is what I wore. The hibiscus was left behind… I only plucked it off a bush for photo taking purposes. I’m thinking about chopping this dress up and making it into a high-waisted skirt. It’s rarely worn because I just don’t do strapless dresses, and the brass buttons look odd over my large bust. The four brass buttons on each boob make me feel like some kind of steampunk pig waiting for her robot piglets to suckle.

Dress: City Chic
Top: New Look
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Softspot
Pendant: An Etsy seller I’ve long forgotten, silver chain is from a random jewellery store
Ring and bangle: Evans
Watch: Bijoux Terner

Photo of me from the waist up, wearing a black dress with military style brass buttons at the bust and a red hibiscus behind my ear.

Even thought I look chirpy, I feel pretty crap at the moment. I’ve just gotten over an awful flu and I’m now left with some kind of bizarre fatigue, probably because I had to work through the flu and catch several planes and be places and what not. It’s hard to rest when much is expected of you. I look forward to a bit of rest and a couple of months off from doing commissions and stuff so I can focus on my personal art work.

Photo of Nick and I.
Bonus photo of Nick and I.


  1. Agreed. I applaud you just for the wearing of the buttons even if you don’t like the dress–it’s one of those things fat girls aren’t “supposed” to wear, and I think you look rockin’.

  2. “like some kind of steampunk pig waiting for her robot piglets to suckle.”

    You say that like it’s a BAD thing! Hee.

    Thank you for the pictures. You and Nick look adorable!

  3. I laughed out loud at the steampunk pigcomment and had to explain to my boyfriend why I just cacked myself. Too good. I really like the outfit. I don’t do strapless dresses either, but the way you’ve worn it looks excellent.

  4. City Chic love the strapless dress (probably so they can sell the shrugs and cardis along with them) but I don’t. I only bought this because it was pretty adorable!

  5. I hear you re: strapless dresses. I look absolutely terrible in strapless dresses, so that excludes me from 90% of City Chic’s stock.

    I actually think you look great with the buttons across your heaving bosom. This outfit is ace, especially with that cute husband accessory of yours.

  6. i’ve had a virus too Natalie. It seems to be hanging around for ages too, but a few people i know have had the same experience. Sorry I couldnt make it to the hens night, hope you guys had a blast :)

  7. I snorted at the “steampunk pig waiting for her robot piglets to suckle” line. Not very lady like of me, but it was amusing! I like how you styled the dress! I didn’t even realise it was strapless until you mentioned it! I really love that hair style on you!!

  8. Haha, same here – had to explain to my man why I was doing some loud belly laughs at the computer! :) Natalie, love the outfit, and your humour of course! ;)

    – Liz

  9. yeah… had to laff a bit at the StmPnk Pig thing… but who wouldn’t want them? :)

    other then the red flair in your hair, your outfit needed some pizazz…

    may I recommend something like….

    i have a nice red Velvet Tobacco one that I need to get online that would knock this look out.

    thanks for the laff…

    Casey @ Tin Years

  10. i love the buttons on this dress on you! and i love how they tie in with your necklace. dont lose the buttons lady!

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