Photo of red, blue, green and yellow bokeh from party lights.

Inappropriate Unicorn does Halloween

Close up photo of a white mask with a horn with glitter all over it.

Photo of me wearing all white and a mask with a unicorn horn.
I was a unicorn. An inappropriate unicorn, drinking wine out of plastic cups and quoting Jay Z lyrics at inopportune times! This was the first time I’ve ever really dressed up for Halloween because it’s not really a thing in Australia, but my friend Heather organised a huge party so I thought I should put in some effort.

[Warning: There is an animated gif down below!]

Photo of Zoe, myself and Sonya as Delirium, a unicorn and Medusa respectively.

Photo of Sonya, Zoe and I leaning awkwardly.

The lovely Zoe and Sonya also attended as Delirium and Medusa and of course we couldn’t let an opportunity to Awkward Lean pass us by.

Photo of red, blue, green and yellow bokeh from party lights.
Nick was on photo duties and figured out how to photograph bokeh… oh no, A MONSTER HAS BEEN MADE!

Photo of a pumpkin with the Wu Tang logo carved into it, with a melted ice cream and cone sitting on top (from Nick's Ralph Wiggins cosume.)
The ice cream cone was the headpiece I made for Nick, who went as Ralph Wiggins. Unfortunately I used the wrong glue and the ice cream detached from the headband. Sad story :(

Photo of me holding up a Holga camera, while a guy in the background photobombs.

Photo of the girl from The Grudge and a werewolf photobombing a photo of Zoe and I.
It wouldn’t be a proper party if no one ever photobombed. I looove the second photo just because the werewolf and Grudge costumes were so freaky!

Photo of a red dragon shaped piñata with people looking on in the background.

Scattered lollies on the ground from the broken piñata.

Photo of me (in my unicorn costume) with Heather as Roxie Richter, wearing all black with her hair in pigtails and black stripes under her eyes.
Thank you Heather (as Roxie Richter from Scott Pilgrim) for a great party! I think we look like kick ass superheroes here :D

Animated gif of me in my unicorn costume dancing.

My costume details:
White shirt: City Chic
Petticoat: Wedding Checklist on ebay
Skirt: DIY
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Evans
Mask: DIY
Hairspray: Cinta Intense Colour Hair Spray


  1. Now that’s a party worth dressing up for! I love the mighty unicorn – though I don’t know if even a unicorn could beat Roxie Richter in a fight! She’s a half-ninja, you know!

    (and thank you for the animated .gif warning – I really appreciate it!)

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