Photo of a very foggy road in the bush with silhouetted trees on the right hand side.

Where clouds were born.

Photo of my feet in plastic mary jane crocs against really green damp grass.
Today we went for a drive through Mt Nebo and surrounding mountainous regions and took some photos. If you like mysterious mountain bushland saturated with clouds and spider webs, you’re gonna love this post. I am a huge fan of mountains and we are having so much rain at the moment so our trip was made really special by all the thick fog, especially on Camp Mountain.
Photo of two small heads of tiny yellowy/ orange flowers amongs green leaves.
Photo of spider webs full of water droplets in green shrubbery.
Photo of lots of bush from the side of Mt Nebo but the view is obscured by very heavy fog.
Photo of two heads of tiny orange flowers on a stem with lots of webs surrounding the stem and the leaves.
Photo of me standing on a road with very heavy fog almost obscuring the bush lined road behind me.
Photo of spider webs attatched to two twiggy looking sticks.
Photo of the view off a side of a mountain but it's obscured by thick white cloud. Silhouetted trees frame the bottom and sides of the photo.
Photo of me in the clearing of the bush which is very thick with foggy white cloud.
Photo of spiderwebs all over a tree with dark brown leaves, in the background is very foggy bushland.
Photo of a road through mountain bushland that is full of white misty fog.
So… insofar as wordy, thoughtful posts I’ve really got nothing right now. Much of my focus is being dedicated to getting through a very rough mental health patch. Writing about what I’m going through is pretty difficult because there exists a buttload of shame and stigma surrounding depression and anxiety, and every time I try to be candid people get weird. Or I get a bunch of unsolicited advice that, while well-meaning, can be really upsetting. So I won’t do that right now (and yes I know, people who get weird about mental health probably aren’t great candidates for support, and trust me – they absolutely are not!)

I hope December is being ok to you, and you’re being ok to you too.


  1. Hi lovely, I have read yr blog for a few months now. I hope you have a smoother time soon. Those photos are lovely. Xx Megan

  2. Hey! Those are lovely photos- the ones with you in them are very ghostly/otherworldly. I love fog and clouds.
    I hope you start feeling ok sooner rather than later. x

  3. There are always cobwebs for the first person walking a track after a period of rain.

    But they are only cobwebs. Don’t let them stop you from being the first to see the sunshine and new life.

  4. Lovely Natalie, it is so nice to see an update here and there from you because the internet isn’t the same without you in it. I hope that soon you start to get through the days a little bit easier. x

  5. wonderful photos Natalie. I’m not brave enough to go through areas like that unless I know others have gone first (because of the spiders). Although I do love the sight of raindrops hanging in the webs!

    I hope you get relief soon. Remember – this isnt you – it’s your biochemistry. :)

    “keep looking, because when we stop looking we stop finding”

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love misty mountain forests, cobwebs and all :-)

    I’ve had better Decembers, but bits of it have been good, I hope you’re finding good bits too.

  7. From someone who’s been in that situation (and is chemically staying out of it for the most part) have a big hug, and hang in there….

  8. Hey, I read that you dislike unsolicited advice, but from one fellow GAD/depression combo sufferer…google “anxiety B12”.
    This past few months I was going to a rough patch after taking the contraceptive pill (new one). It seems that various meds like the pill, Metformin, etc causes a malabsorption of B12 vitamins and lacking that vitamin will really fuck up with your anxiety.

    Good luck. Hope you feel better.

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