Close up photo of Mum's green christmas tree with lights and baubles and the little gift card I drew for my brother Sam hanging in the branches.

Merry happy.

A photo of Nick and I standing to the right of a Christmas tree.

Even though I’m not big into Christmas I do like spending time with family and taking photos because Mum usually does pretty decorations and we’re all in the same location. This year it was awesome because we have our new camera and while I’m sure my photos aren’t that great, it’s good to have an opportunity to use it and practice.

I like to post photos of the Australian Christmas experience because lots of my northern hemisphere friends just can’t conceive of us celebrating the day in shorts and thongs! In my family at least, we don’t really eat much heavy winter food that is so typically eaten in the northern hemisphere and instead we eat barbecued prawns, cold meat, salads and what not however I think I did spy roast chicken and pork too. Since I have been vegetarian this year my Mum was a bit baffled as to what to feed me, but I had some lovely green salad and waldorf salad with a roast vegetable pastry concoction. It was great!

Photo of my mother, a middle aged lighted skinned woman with short light hair, and sister Amanda, a young slim dark haired woman, in the kitchen. Mum is drinking wine and smiling and amanda is holding a knife and looking at Mum and grinning.

Photo of lots of photo frames, silver trinkets and a purple wrapped present sitting on a sideboard.

Photo of my Nana, an older pale skinned woman, and my Auntie Sharon, a middle aged pale skinned woman, and Amanda, young slim woman, at the table. Nana is holding a knife and getting ready to cut the pavlova that in front of her.

Close up photo of shiny red cherries sitting in a clear bowl.

Photo of Nick, a bearded pale skinned man with glasses, holding Molly the dog whi is white and fluffy and looking at the camera dolefully.

Photo of some apricot and rum balls on the table with some red and green shiny bon bons sitting behind the plate.

Close up photo of Mum's green (fake) Christmas tree with aqua tinsel and silver, magenta and aqua baubles hanging off the branches.

Bonus: Nick and I singing Two of Us last night, recorded on my iPhone.
[audio:|titles=Natalie and Nick – Two of Us]


  1. I nearly didn’t recognise Amanda with brown hair. Looks nice! Cherries, Rumballs and Pavlova – exactly what Aussie Christmas is all about.

  2. Great photos natalie! Yep that’s what I love about living in australia. Christmas by the pool. (but not this year).

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