Photo of out of focus yellow lights all scattered and bokeh like.

And now for… 2011.

Photo of three women on an outside staircase at night: Zoe sitting in front blowing bubbles, me behind her smiling, and Sonya standing up at the back drinking wine.
Happy New Year!
This was possibly the lowest key NYE of my adult life, and it was nice to spend it with close friends. I can’t drink at the moment because of my medication so it was super super low key, but I still woke up late this morning (thanks meds that make me feel like a sloth!!)

We spent the evening chatting and blowing bubbles and eating cheese! Best!
Photo of me making a kind of screachy happy face leaning back as Zoe blows bubbles at my head.
Photo of Zoe holding her hand up, seemingly pushing back a bunch of bubbles floating past her.
Photo of Sonya wearing lovely long feather earrings looking to the side looking pensive with a bunch of led lights behind her.
Photo of my ankles clad in lace fishnet tights and feet in black court shoes.
Outfit photo of me wearing a black top with a sheer yoke and shiny rhinestones on the shoulders, a highwaisted black and white polka dot ruffle skirt, lace fishnet tights and black shoes.
And here is the fantastic skirt Zoe bought for my birthday from Cupcake + Cuddlebunny! I totally got fanced up because I’d bought the dress (worn as a top) on sale and thought it was perfectly fancy for NYE and when Zoe gave me the skirt I was so excited I had to put it on!

Dress (worn as a top) – City Chic
Skirt – Cupcake + Cuddlebunny
Tights- Evans
Shoes – Softspot
Necklace – birthday gift from my aunty
Rings and bracelets – City Chic

If you’d like to see what Sonya and Zoe are wearing, head over to Australian Fatshion.

I hope your NYE was great and that your 2011 kicks off with awesomeness.


  1. That is the fanciest skirt I have ever seen. Perfect for you, your body and your beautiful soul that you share through your art and blogging.

  2. AHH NATALIE! You look faaaabulous! I think I’ve already told you, but I *love* your hair (not a shocker, right), and that skirt is to die for. Especially paired with those tights. Hope the bad side effect of the meds stop soon. And I’m glad you had a good NYE! :)

  3. You look uber fantastic! I have the same dress but you rocked it on with a skirt too! Happy New Year to you Natalie. Thank you for providing us with monthly desktop wallpapers.

  4. Natalie, this is Rachel, the designer of the skirt! When Zoe told me it was for you, I just about died. I adore your work and think you’re wonderful! Its so nice to see you model something that I made! You look amazing! Also- Zoe is so sweet and gorgeous and I’m super excited that I got to meet her. Thank you so much!

  5. Natalie, I left you one of those comments on the 3 Words About You Site – I know you think they are all from one person but mine certainly was not from anyone else. I have never left you a comment before but I have been reading for a while. I’m just a reader you have never conversed with before. Sorry mine weren’t completely nice but they were honest – did you just expect self-affirming comments? (and if so, that’s pretty arrogant of you).

  6. Without knowing any of the backstory you’ve assumed quite a few things. That’s fine, but please don’t ever expect me not to respond like a human being when I’ve been the recipient of nasty, outright bitchy messages. I have no idea what your words were, and that’s the beauty of being anonymous, but please don’t tell me how I’m supposed to behave. Cos that’s like, arrogant.

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