Photo of green river water with the white frothy trail left from our boat motor.

Fa(t)shion February – Beware the siren call of the mermaid ballerina.

Photo of a couple of buildings on the edge of a river, the smaller has a sign saying Tweed River Boat Hire; the bigger white building has Tweed Heads Rowing Club painted on the side.

Yesterday I headed out with 7 friends on a BBQ boat adventure! Nick really loves the whole BBQ boat thing and organised a day out on the Tweed River. We are so fortunate to have so much great stuff near where we live – even though the Tweed is technically over the border in NSW, it only takes about an hour and a half to drive there.

Photo of people on a BBQ boat, a very small barge like vessel with a flat roof.

While swimming with fish freak me out a little bit, I enjoyed the hell out of our day of frolicking, barbequeing and puttering around the river on a very tiny platform with a rather pathetic engine! Other BBQ boats were overtaking us with ease and we were forced to relax and enjoy the serenity.

Outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned, standing in very shallow water with rocks behind me. I'm wearing a black and grey striped t-shirt knotted at the waist with a long black skirt and a big black broad brimmed hat.
Outfit photo of me standing in the river again, wearing the striped shirt and long skirt, and I'm looking off to the right and smiling.

I wanted to wear something comfortable, with a fair degree of coverage (the sun in Australia is VICIOUS) that was easy to take off and put back on again. I still got sunburnt though. That’s the thing about Queensland and Northern NSW – REMAIN VIGILANT! We did however break the rules and swim in the middle of the day, eep.

Photo of five of us frolicking in the river water.
Photo of Zoe and Sonya and I in the water, I'm the only one looking at the camera and smiling - I wear my big black hat and sunglasses.

After lunch we found an excellent swimming spot (even if there were lots of tiny fishies, eeeek) and frolicked around like mermaid ballerinas. It was an excellent day, but I need twenty aloe vera plants to fashion a soothing cape because my back and shoulders are BURNING UP!

T-shirt: New Look
Skirt: Made by me
Hat: Seafolly
Sunnies: Witchery
Togs: Ezibuy


  1. Looks like super fun!

    Hey, I’m in Brisbane for the next week, and staying at a fabulous place with a pool and huge spa and all kinds of loveliness, if you want to come be social and finally properly meet me! Should I get Jenni to organise a social day? I don’t have your number and you never added me back on Twitter (@loristleone), so I can’t message you any other way. :)

  2. So great! I’m a bit sunburnt too, just on my back (I blame Pete) and I am still exhaust. WHEE.

  3. I can’t believe there’s debate about your looks/weight. You always look classy and beautiful. Your family thinks your awesome, as they should. Why the hell does anyone even have an opinion on this?

  4. Hi Lori, a social day would be nice! I haven’t seen Jenni in a long time either, so it would be good to catch up with her. I’m busy on Thursday but I think the other days are clear for me.

    I think your account was private on twitter for a long time so I never added you (I have this weird thing about private accounts, I never feel like I have the right to add people! I don’t like intruding or anything.)

  5. Fair enough! I have a little thing in my info/bio about how I’m basically just avoiding spambots and dodgy exes, but adding me is most welcome. And I see that you did. :)

    Jen is coming around on Wednesday, you guys are totally welcome to join us for a swim and a soak! We’re also thinking of having some kind of barbie thing on Sunday,

  6. 1. So jealous of your Southern Hemisphere fun. It snowed 10 inches on Friday and today it’s rainy and COLD.
    2. Love that shirt and skirt combination SO MUCH. You’re a knock-out!
    3. I never would have tried on jeggings before reading this blog. But I do now, so I did, and then I bought them, and now I keep checking myself out in any reflective surface. It’s a new experience, and it feels so good!

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