Back in black with strong brows.

A photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, wearing a sheer black top with green singlet under neath and large chain necklace. My arms are outstretched so you can see the baggy sleeve of the loose knit sheer top.

Last night I went to Nick’s Dad and aunt’s 60th birthday party. They are twins, and after learning of all the twins in Nick’s family I am even more unsure of having kids. It’s a big job just having one kid at a time, eep. But yes, I wore clothes and got Nick to document them. Horah!

A full length outfit photo of me wearing a sheer black top over a green singlet with a black maxi skirt and a chain necklace. My shoes are a boot/ sandal buckle hybrid and I carry a black bag.

I own a lot of black clothes. A lot. Most of the time I can not tell one garment from another which makes it very hard when there’s a particular thing I want to wear but some days it makes things easier. I simply grab something, chuck it on and go. Today was one of those days. I’m glad I grabbed this loose knit top, I want to wear more texture when dressing monochromatically. It’s more interesting.

A photo of the bottom of my black maxi skirt and flat black buckle/ ballerina shoes with my black handbag with lots of pockets.

Got anything blacker?

A close up photo of my face with strong brows, peach blush and lip.

I have a tortured relationship with make up. For a long time I could not not wear it. It was my armour and made me feel better about having acne. When I am depressed I often can’t be bothered, and more recently I just don’t want to wear it if I’m just going to run errands. But there are days when I avoid doing things because I can’t be bothered to wear make up. So it’s still a thing I contend with, and not really a pleasurable thing either; most of the time I just wear foundation and blush as a mask.

However last night I did my eyes and brows because I felt like paying tribute to the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor. I watched a couple of her movies the other night and spent a lot of time in awe of those brows. I have a Benefit brow kit that I bought off eBay and I’ve been astounded at the things it can do! Lots of people can’t stand dark brows with blonde hair but I think it looks ace. Good job me, and thanks for the inspiration and loveliness Liz.

Top: Jen’s Fashion Plus on eBay (Has the shop closed? I’m getting dead links!)
Singlet: 1626 (Now Autograph)
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Evans
Necklace: Made by me
Bag: Dangerfield

Just a note – my site has been up and down and all over the place in the last week due to hacking and changing hosts and doing a complete reinstall of WordPress. The hack involved getting in through a folder that shouldn’t be vulnerable and it redirected many links to another site which had been hacked and replaced with, ahem, dodgy pharmaceutical products. I’m sorry for any interruptions to normal service, and if you see anything suss please do let me know so I can fix it up!


  1. I love your black maxi – every time you post an outfit with you wearing it I love it even more, it’s definitely something I need to add to my wardrobe for summer.

    Also, your make-up is lovely, you are so gorgeous <3

  2. i love the brows! i got benefit brows a go go after seeing you talk about it on twitter and i love it!

  3. I am quite pale with dark hair but as I’ve entered my 20s my eyebrows have gotten more sparse and feint so I’ve taken to filling them in. The results are so much more striking than without and it makes such a difference without being over the top. I think yours look great Natalie!

  4. Never fear, the male has absolutely nothing to do with a woman having twins!

    Either the woman pops two eggs out (what I like to call womanly magic) or the fertilised egg splits (what I like to call pure-magic).

    I adore your hair colour! Looks great!

    Also, your lips: GIVE THEM TO ME.

  5. I lust after Liz Taylor’s eyebrows like you wouldn’t believe. I have just started playing with eyebrow pencil (I am a late starter) and I now have to check out this Benefit kit you speak of. BTW, I love the dark eyebrow with the light hair look, I also love the white blond hair on you!

  6. AHHH! I was going to namedrop you and your epic goddessness at having twins too! I obviously know so little about genetics and what not :P

  7. Amazing outfit! That skirt is amazing!

    I’m a twin and I was told that having twins skips a generation. So since your partner’s father is a twin, your partners father can’t have twins but his children can. So, your partner carries the probably of fathering twins.

  8. I love love LOVE your hair. And the “strong” brows look wonderful with it… Very adorable and I love this outfit on you. Everything looks perfect/

  9. You look fantastic in this outfit and I love the close-up of your face, you are a gorgeous young woman.

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