With chronic bitchface.

A photo of me (left) and Zoe (right), two fat pale skinned ladies with blonde hair, standing in a garden at night with sassy faces. I'm wearing a black dress with floral tights and black high heels and Zoe wears a black tunic with purple draped sleeves, black tights and flats while carrying a clear umbrella.

What are friends for if they won’t pose in silly photos with you? Zoe and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot showing off our incredible modeling skills. I suggested to Nick that he mimic skeezebag Terry Richardson’s style of photo taking but he was very uncomfortable with that considering that Richardson is awful and abusive towards women.

Our expert hair and make up is self applied while Nick took the photos. This is our ~lookbook~ for chronic bitchface, inspired by Kris Atomic, a name I might steal for any future band or fashion label of mine. You might recognise Zoe’s tunic as the one I wore in my last ootd, she bought one as well. ~birds of a feather and all that~

A photo of Zoe gesturing wildly while holding a clear umbrella. Her sheer purple sleeve is outstretched and spectacular.
A photo of me standing in front of a hollow brick wall holding a cigarette.
A photo of Zoe and my fat legs. On the left, Zoe's leggings are sheer black in front and solid at the back and she wears slip on shoes with cross over elastic. I wear floral tights with black platform heels.
A photo of me side on, looking down and smiling.
A photo of Zoe with her head turned to the right, holding a clear umbrella behind her head.
A photo of me holding my hands up in front of my face showing off my zombie apocalypse nails, bracelets and big square amber ring.
A full length photo of Zoe, a fat pale skinned lady with shoulder length blonde hair and thick rimmed glasses, posing all mystical like in front of a tree wearing a black tunic with draping purple batwing sleeves and black sheer leggings.
A photo of Zoe and I sitting on stairs posing with our bitchfaces.

Nick wants to start taking more photos of fat people and I really want to encourage him! This was silly and fun but also represents our bodies as curated by us, bodies that aren’t represented as neutral or fun or bitchy or fashionable in our culture.


  1. The photo of you holding up your nails and giving the camera a sideways look. That…. I ….. oh my god. Wow.

  2. I might have to investigate their tights! Heh, that sounds like my “special occasion” white and lilac tights which I try to protect from my chub rubbing, tights ripping thighs so only wear on the special occasions.

  3. this post is so fucking good. you ladies look amazing. nick did a great job, i totally pick up on the TR vibe without thinking “oh fucking terry richardson” because obviously your comfortable and its all consensual and awesome and these photos are just cool. i really really like this idea. i love fashion photos of people who are just enjoying eachother hanging out, being rad. you guys are fucking rad. well done.

  4. Hi Holly! My shoes were $5 from the Target sale rack a few weeks ago – they’re canvas with a rubber sole.

  5. SO ANNOYED I HAD SOMETHING ELSE ON. Seriously next time this happens I am so there. I’ve been watching too much ANTM lately.

  6. You girls are FIERCE!!! (as is Nick’s photographic skillz). I would also like one of those sheer purple cardi-things. WHERE DO I GET ONE? :D xoxo

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