Paisley maxi.

A photo of my red paisley maxi skirt billowing around my legs.

I’ve been sewing this weekend! I made a pair of comfy dropped seat pants as well as this red billowing maxi skirt. It’s so comfortable! If you want to sew a similar skirt, grab a piece of fabric doubled over to the length of your choice and about 2 times wider than your waist measurement. You sew up the back seam, then pleat the top of it evenly to fit a piece of elastic sewn at the end to form a waist band and sew it all together. It’s a pretty simple skirt that you can do heaps of things with! If you don’t want to pleat, you can hand baste the top of the fabric and pull the thread to form loose gathers. I’ve made a few skirts with this technique and it’s a fantastic way to kill an hour and pad out your wardrobe.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde/ lilac hair, wearing a grey cardigan over a black slip over my long red paisley maxi skirt.

My Mother-in-law gave me this fabric a few years ago, bought from a market because she thought I would like the paisley! I didn’t know what to do with it for so long because it is a bit sheer and very patterned but now sheer maxi skirts are fashionable I figured I’d add my own twist!

Cardigan: Urbane Woman from Myer (I think?)
Slip: From an Evans dress
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Spendless

A photo of a small white fluffy dog lying on a blue seat looking sleepy with a piece of yellow floral fabric wrapped around her.

BONUS PUPPY TIME! Molly was sleepy this evening and so Mum dressed her up, she eventually looked like a Cavoodle burrito in that floral fabric!


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