A perfectly coordinated ghost.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short pinned back blonde hair, standing against a cream brick wall wearing a sheer white tunic with bell sleeves, dark narrow leg jeans with blue and white trimmed patent slip on shoes. My right wrist is clad in a black splint brace.

Sonya told me the other week that she thought white suited me, so this outfit is dedicated to her! I don’t typically wear a lot of white as it is a colour prone to showing exactly everything I spill and smear all over it. As I’m recently more clumsy thanks to Graves Disease, I thought I’d be tempting any number of messes by wearing this white tunic out to the endocrinologist but surprisingly my whites remained white even after having lunch at Lady Marmalade!

A blurry photo of me walking down steps.
An odd vertically blurred outfit photo of me standing in front of a brick wall.

I had to wait for my darling photographer to come home and document this outfit in the dwindling light so here’s some bonus ghostly photo action.

A double exposure of my jeans clad legs and feet shod in patent navy blue slip on shoes with white trim.

I got to wear my newish shoes out today too! They’re from Evans, one of the only places I can get cheap wide fitting shoes. The fit is almost a little too long and wide for me; I have a feeling their shoes run a bit big because New Look wide fitting shoes certainly aren’t too big on me at all, and are in fact not very wide.

Top: Target
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Evans
Wrist brace: Terry White Chemist


  1. You look terrific in white! I wear a white shirt as my work uniform (and it’s a good colour on me) but I cover it up when I eat because I am also a giant klutz.  I’d like to blame my thyroid but sadly I was born a klutz, and was one for many years before my thyroid starting misbehaving!

  2. Cute. The evans shoes definitely run big. They are possibly the only shoes in the world that fit my feet properly!

  3. I love that you mention where you got the wrist brace in your outfit info :D LOVE IT.

    And those shoes are totally awesome!!! Really pretty, and you don’t show toe cleavage (I don’t wear a lot of shoes like that because I dislike toe cleavage).

  4. I tend to take my braces off for what few pictures of me exist. So, it makes me smile that you included yours. I know taking them off isn’t always an option. That’s part of why there are less than a handfull of photos of me.

    I have the same problem with white. We have a ‘bleach pen’ which helps me bit a bit braver but old habits die hard and I only expect to get one or two wearings out of a white garment before it’s unwearable.

  5.  Unfortunately at the moment taking off the brace means lots of pain and weakness, and I’m pretty sure I’ve posted photos of me wearing it before so I don’t really think about it. Sometimes it just becomes a part of me, yannow?! Though I have had moments where I’ve felt self conscious because people have been really nosy and asked all kinds of questions… that’s a pain in the arse.

  6. Adorable shoes. I love the shape of the shirt but I think you pop more with color.

  7.  Looking good! Also, I hope your wrist gets better soon. I find Evans shoes run a little large too, I usually size down in heels and flats if I get the EEE fitting, but not in boots or sandals, because they’re not AS wide.

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