A date with brownies.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, standing in front of a hollow brick wall. I'm wearing a black oversized square hem top with a slightly longer cream top underneath, some brown wide leg print pants and sandals.

Today I dressed appropriately for a date with famously delicious brownies from Dello Mano. One of my friends has been raving about these brownies for months and today managed to drag a few of us over to Breakfast Creek to finally try them.

A photo of me smiling, with red lipstick and black sunglasses, holding up my hands so you can see my red/ blue diagonal nails. i wear a diamond shaped necklace with formed from layers of vaguely art deco shapes in cream, gold and black.

Here are my nails, they don’t really go with my black and brown outfit so I put on some red lipstick to tie things together. My nails are very short at the moment because they are so weak from my overactive thyroid, I hope they get stronger soon! I’m taking a supplement that’s supposed to help and it’s got silica and a bunch of other things that supposedly strengthen nails. FINGERS CROSSED!

Black top: Evans
White top: Asos
Pants: Evans
Sandals: Evans
Necklace: Lola and Bailey
Ring: City Chic
Bag: New Look
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage

A photo of my reflection in the (very dirty) passenger seat side mirror.
A photo of grey clouds scattered across the blue sky, lit from behind by the sun.
A photo of a Queensland style worker's cottage painted white with a red roof. A sign outside says "room vacant."
A photo of an a frame sign for Dello Mano Chocolate Kitchen.

A photo of four brownies on a plate wrapped in colourful foil.

The brownies at Dello Mano are very, very, very good. Even Ashton Kutcher thinks so, having ordered a bunch from Paris. What!? Nick and I tried the Belgian chocolate, Coconut and Lime, Peanut Butter and Honey Macadamia brownies.

A photo of an unwrapped honey and macadamia nut brownie, full of big nuts!

A photo of an unwrapped lime and coconut brownie next to a couple of wrapped pieces.

My favourite brownie was the Coconut and Lime. In the last year I’ve become the biggest lime fan, and these smell SO limey! They aren’t as thick and muddy as the macadamia brownies, but the taste is divine.

A photo of lots of brownie wrappers on a plate.

We left very satisfied, Dello Mano really hit the brownie spot. I don’t think I’m going to bother making them myself any more after having these!


  1.  Hi Natalie
    This is totally off subject, but I am doing some research in regards to the possibility of starting a plus sized label in Victoria. I am aiming it at girls/women that love fashion, can you let me know if you would be interested in answering a few questions in the name of research?
    BTW – love the printed wide leg pants!

  2. hi natalie,

    i am not sure if you have this over on your side of the world, but i use something called biotin, it is a form of vitamin b and can be bought at a health food store, amazing for the nails and hair, and natural!

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