Potent potables.

A photo of me standing with my arms reaching out daintily in front of a big dam.

I like a good drive. I like to get out of the city and see things bigger than myself, especially lately as I’m feeling pretty ill. I’ve always felt like I belong in the mountains or at the least snug in between rolling hills, so when Nick asks where I’d like to go on a nice afternoon drive I usually say, “the mountains.” We left this afternoon to drive through the Brisbane Valley and stopped at Wivenhoe Dam for a little while so I could generate blog content, ahem, take outfit photos.

Unfortunately I was too busy gasping, feeling tiny and insignificant (actually a good feeling to me!) as we drove past the mountains and hills and the incredible Somerset Dam at sunset, but here’s a lot of nice photos of me and green stuff. I don’t have a terribly whimsical wardrobe, so instead of a gentle photographic journey to soft colours and greenery you get my black velvet and pink/blue lipstick jarring against the lovely backdrop of Wivenhoe.

A photo of the sun behind trees, splashing solar flares all up in the camera lens.
An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, walking towards the camera and wearing a black velvet dress as a top tucked into a grey full skirt with black flats, black sunnies and a black wrist brace.
A photo of me sitting on grass cross legged.
An outfit photo of me wearing the black velvet top with grey skirt as I'm peeking from behind a tree branch (full of spiders, ugh!)
A photo of my hand held up against lush greenery. My fingers a curled over to show off bright yellow nails and a huge amethyst chunk ring.

Top: New Look (actually a dress but it’s incredibly short!)
Skirt: Valley Markets
Shoes: Evans
Ring: xVELVETx
Wrist brace: Terry White Chemists


  1. I don’t think it’s jarring, you look like you live in a cottage right behind the trees, right at home! Is your thing really heavy?

  2. I’ve been checking out your blog on and off and really enjoy it…I really admire your body confidence and acceptance. You’re really inspiring me to love my own body. And I love your outfit — especially the nails and the ring. Coolest thing ever.

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