Today’s theme is WAFFLES (and tea).

I haven’t really had many waffles in my lifetime, in fact I distinctly remember eating one in my childhood and not liking it very much. It could have been the ice cream served with it (I’m not a huge fan) or it could have been the horrid overwhelming cardboard texture. Lesley Knope really likes waffles and I’ve always respected that, but never seen what the big deal was.

Today I met up with my lovely friend Zoe and after trying to figure out where to take our tastebuds she suggested a new waffle and tea cafe near her. It’s absolutely freezing in Brisbane today so I figured hot food and tea were of the highest priority.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, wearing a black cord jacket over a tan t shirt which is over an orange/black patterned dress which is over black leggings. I also accessorise with a green scarf, grey boots, black bag and a sassy pose.
A photo of me from the waist up, looking down and half smiling.

Most of the year it’s gross and hot and sticky in Brisbane, and for a few months we have rather nice mild cool weather. Today has been ridiculously cold, leaving me quite unprepared. I don’t have any big coats so I opted to layer. I’d love to obtain a few jackets and leggings that aren’t black, and some more subtly coloured scarves. Now that I know how to crochet I might make up a few in neutral colours.

Jacket: Autograph
T-shirt: Yours Clothing
Dress: Made by me
Leggings: Asos
Scarf: Can’t remember!

A close up photo of Zoe, who has pale skin and blonde hair and awesome thick rimmed glasses.

A photo of Zoe's hands which have a lovely light purple colour on her nails.

Meet Zoe, who has nice glasses and nice nails. She is also very nice!

A photo of small waffles in a glass case. There are chocolate, maple, almond, cinnamon and raspberry flavoured waffles.

The aforementioned waffle and tea cafe is named Secret Garden, and not only offers waffle and tea but also pretty flowers and plants as well as other goodies. The staff (owners?) were lovely, and the whole cafe is gorgeously decorated. I chose a maple waffle and Zoe had a cinnamon. The tea is all from T2 but the selection is a bit limited. I was hoping for a French Earl Grey, but chai nobly stood in.

A photo of a glass case with waffle cakes on the shelves and a row of oranges down the bottom.

A photo of a square white plate with a delicious maple waffle drizzled in maple syrup and a little pink cream piped in the corner.

A photo of an iron bike with decorative scrolls in the wheels and a nice green plant in the front basket.

A photo of a wooden crate painted white mounted on a mossy/sage green wall with two green leaved plants in red pots sitting inside.

A photo of a cup of tea in a clear glass, the milk has formed clouds as it is poured in and mixes with the black tea.

A photo of a green plant and some books in the foreground, in the background is the chalk board menu.

My maple waffle was incredibly delicious and not too sweet OR cardboardy in texture. Lots of plants were scattered throughout the cafe, something I really appreciate these days when cafes are typically just full of furniture and sassy staff. Zoe and I sat and talked for what seemed like an hour and didn’t feel like we had to hop along to free up a table. The waffles are small compared to the ones I’ve seen on US TV shows, but are perfectly delicious.

I reckon Ms Knope would probably love Secret Garden.

Secret Garden
12 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba 4102
Open ’til 8pm


  1. OMG WAFFLES AND TEA?!?! Why didn’t anyone tell me this place existed before now?!?!

  2. I want to have waffles and tea with you at the Secret Garden!  Looks so cosy and welcoming.

  3. OMG WAFFLES. I love that scarf by the way. It brings out your eyes. I’m hungry now. For waffles. Not eyes. FYI.

  4. Yayyy! I have been wanting to try this place since it opened, and I’m really glad we went. The waffles are so delicious, and I love the decorations.

    EVERYONE should go there for waffles and tea.

  5. Those looked great (and so did you and Zoe!).  As an aside, we named our dog Waffles because it is such a fun word. 

  6. WAFFLES YUM – my fave cereal is Wafflicious which are squares that look & taste like waffles!

    The coffee stand in UQ near the post office/student centre/ATMs have the same sort of waffles too, they’re nommy and go well with their variety of coffees & chocolates :)

  7. Thank you so much for posting about this hidden gem! I went to South Korea for a university exchange at the start of the year, and Secret Garden looks so much like the cute tea houses they have there. Lo and behold, a friend and I went there this morning for breakfast and it turns out that the owners are originally from South Korea.  They are super lovely and I agree with Zoe, everyone should go there for waffles and tea! The flowers they sell are also gorgeous, and they also have a mini fruit stand. I did notice they are not open on Sundays though, so unfortunately, if you are in the mood for sweet cross-hatched pastry on this particular day you will have to postone your craving until Monday.

  8. Those waffles look amazing. And I also love love love Zoe’s glasses! Where did she get them, do you know? I feel like I must have them!

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