Gotta get down, or if not get down have a cider, on Friday.

I know it seems as if this blog is just non-stop outfit posts at the moment with no real meaty stuff, but my ability to write and access vocabulary is pretty limited at the moment. Fortunately I consider posting photos of my outfits on the internet to be pretty important too, and as I recover from being diagnosed with Graves disease and having debilitating social anxiety (far worse than my usual, fairly workable social anxiety) it feels good to go out and be visible in the world.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, wearing a silver sequin jacket over a short black dress, with black leggings and sandals with a black bag over my shoulder.

Tonight I went out for dinner and drinks with friends to celebrate Zoey’s birthday. I was ordered to wear my silver sequined jacket for the very first time, and despite a few rounds of outfit changes I came up with a black batwing/ body con dress and leggings. I found it a bit hard to work with the jacket because despite being lined it’s not very tailored and has a simple roll lapel. I’d probably prefer a notched lapel but alas, this jacket was £10 and covered with sparkly. It seems to look best with short skirts, but I’m going to make up a gathered waist sheer skirt soon and I reckon I’ll make it work.

A photo of my head and shoulders, I'm on a city street at night and holding a cigarette.
A full length photo of me standing on a city street at night with a smoke in my hand. I think I look a bit awkward, but in a fab way...!

Night time OOTD photos are a challenge but the city lights look pretty, don’t they!?

Jacket: Yours Clothing
Dress: Asos
Leggings: Yours Clothing
Shoes: Spendless
Bag: Dangerfield


  1. So good! Your hair… I’m envious! I wish I could pull off platinum blonde + a pixie. This outfit screams GLAM.

  2. I’m glad you wore the jacket! That meant I didn’t have to sit on you! :P I  need to work out what outfits work with mine now, hmm.

  3. Hi Natalie

    I have been following your blog for a while now and just wanted to let you know that I love your outfit posts and really really look foward to them! Your jacket is beautiful and you look so cool!

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