Happy day Dad.

A photo of my dad smiling at the table sitting behind a plate full of blue "sea" frosted cupcakes with one white frosted cupcake in a paper boat with a sail saying "Bite me".

In Australia and a bunch of other countries it’s Father’s Day today! Happy day to all the fathers over the world, and also love to those with fathers who aren’t here.

I made my Dad a cupcake diorama displaying his little boat “Bite me” in a choppy ocean. Of course there are some inaccuracies. His boat doesn’t have a sail, it’s not made of paper and the sea isn’t made of butter-cream. That aside, I’m quite proud of it and I hope Dad liked it!

We had a nice family lunch today, the meat eaters were spoilt with pork belly, prawns and oysters. I made the famous zucchini and ricotta galette from Smitten Kitchen, I urge you to eat this at least once in your life! Our Miffy met my sister’s dog Moose, I couldn’t get a good photo of them because they were moving too quickly but they had a grand time playing in the backyard.

A photo of the cupcake and paper boat sailing over the sea frosted cupcakes.
A photo of the food laid out on the table, including oysters and my galette.
A photo of my lunch: Two different salads, a spinach pie and zucchini galette.
A photo of my sister's awesome bowl which is white porcelain shaped in an arc with the bowl sitting in the middle, and an old fashioned milk bottle.
A photo of my other sister's dessert, a stack of chocolate cake with cream, jam and ganache.
A photo of my dad grinning broadly with a chocolate stack in his hand.
A photo of Miffy from above, she's looking up at me and standing on large grey tiles as palm fronds cast shadows across them.
An outfit photo of me wearing a short black dress with white polka dots, black leggings with little dots around the calves and I'm holding on to Miffy's leash.

Outfit details:
Dress: Evans
Leggings: Not sure!
Shoes: Evans

I hope you had a good day today everyone.

Thanks for everything, Dad.


  1. Those bowls are fantastic! Do you know where your sister got them from?

    All the food looks delicious.

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