The Porcine Protector reviews a jacket from No Xceptions.

A photo of Miffy the dog sitting inside looking up as black blurry legs walk past her.

Sometimes a super-heroine blogger gets approached by clothing companies to review items, and The Porcine Protector recently received such an item from No Xceptions. After moving headquarters and recruiting a new sidekick, TPP emerged from her clandestine cover to show off her new bit of kit, a black dipped hem jacket.

A black and white photo of TPP's legs showcasing the dipped hem coat, with animal print dress, mesh insert leggings and black creepers.
A black and white photo of The Porcine Protector with her back to the camera showing off a dipped hem black coat with buckles up the back. She has dark sunglasses on with long dark straight hair.
A close up black and white photo of Natalie's face.
A photo of Natalie from the side peeking from behind the turned up collar of the jacket.

No Xceptions lists this as a Punk Gothic Jacket however TPP preferred to think of it as more of a dark heroine trench-coat with handy leg room for fighting fat stigma and discrimination and a large collar to protect her identity. The jacket is double breasted, has two pockets for storing donuts and other super-hero paraphernalia, and buckles up the back for that badass vibe.

The brand on the tag is Chicstar and the fabric is 100% cotton. The jacket is fully lined and all the buckles on the back are adjustable. Her Porcineness found that the cotton wrinkled too willingly and required frequent ironing, an inconvenience for her considering she has no butler to take care of such things. The construction and quality is great however TPP insists that you pay attention to the sizing chart, because she had to go up to a size 28 (the largest size) in order for this garment to fit her shoulders and even then it was too snug. Our chubby champion is of the opinion that those with larger arms and shoulders size up.

An outfit photo of Natalie as The Porcine Protector, wearing a long brunette wig with the black dipped hem jacket over an animal print dress, mesh insert leggings and black creepers.
A photo of the buckles up the back of the black jacket.
A photo of TPP with the jacket open, it falls in a waterfall down the body and reveals a full lining.

This jacket from No Xceptions looks awesome and inspires fear and respect but The Porcine Protector thinks she requires one in black leather. Is that possible? CHEERS!

Jacket: Chicstar from No Xceptions
Dress: Yours Clothing
Leggings: Asos Curve
Shoes: TUK
Necklace: Made by me
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Wig: ebay


  1. Love the coat Natalie – definitely badass enough for TPP I think.

    Personally, I like the review posts.  I like getting people’s opinions on different foods, places to eat and clothing options.  Especially when the person reviewing seems to have similar tastes as me.

    At the end of the day though – this is your blog and you are totally entitled to post whatever you want on here.  You’ve made no bones about the fact that you post about whatever interests you at the time, and if your notoriety as a blogger earns you some perks, I say have at it!  You’ve provided so much support and knowledge to many people without any return for yourself.  I don’t see any problem with doing what (for the record, many) other bloggers do, and putting your own Natalie spin on it.  This post is a prime example.

    As someone who also lives with a mental health condition that is, at times, debilitating, I really appreciate your open and honest assessments and sharing of yourself and of your health problems.  I believe that by posting about this stuff (which I know you find difficult) you are helping to de-stigmatise mental health issues.  And you make me feel less alone in the world, which probably doesn’t mean a lot to you, but means a lot to me.

    Ultimately, I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’re doing an awesome job of being you, and I really appreciate that you allow me and everyone else in to see some of the ride.

    Much love,


  2. Stop reading her blog if you truly believe all the ridiculous crap you just wrote. Are you serious??? She can do and write about what she pleases because…. IT’S. HER. BLOG. I see that Little Bird comment is deleted now but I still feel the need to post this response. People think they have a right to judge because you have a blog but in reality we are all people with feelings and it’s not right to attack people in that manner.

    anyway on a more positive note, Natalie I LOVE that jacket, thanks for the really honest, witty review! If it wasn’t for you I would have never known this jacket existed! You look beautiful!

  3. Great review, had me giggling and saying “oh cool!”. Very informative without shoving info down my throat. #love

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