And thus, an obnoxious dress was born.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned, wearing a short dress with a large retro stylised flower pattern in teal, purple and yellow, with teal leggings and brown wedge sandals. I'm standing in the backyard in front of the Hills Hoist.

Mum and I went to this new-to-us fabric store near her last week and I bought this fabulously obnoxious 70s style cotton lycra as well as some other pretty fabrics. I made it up into a version of the Burda Style Fatina Plus the other day, ordinarily a very simple pattern but my machine throws hissy fits every time I bring a stretch knit fabric near it so it took all day! I shortened the pattern and lengthened the shoulders to make some self-sleeves and now I have the best, most obnoxious, little t-shirt dress for summer.

A full length photo of me with my hands on my hips.
A full length side view photo of my outfit.
A photo of my legs and feet wearing teal leggings and brown wedge sandals.
A photo of me holding Miffy and making her little paw wave.
A collage of four black and white photos of me in various silly poses with my dress, cheeks and lips in colour.

Dress: Made by me
Teggings: Re/Dress
Shoes: New Look

The way I edited these photos reminds me of the Happy Litte Vegemites ad and with the Hills Hoist in the backyard, this post is chock full of Australiana. You ripper Rita?


  1. Ooh! I like! Glad your machine eventually allowed you to sew your dress. Stretch sewing can be such pain!

    Also – was in re-dress NYC today and mentioned how I saw their teggings on your blog. And then I bought 2 pairs!

  2. Stretch fabric can be a total pain in the ass if you dont have an overlock machine. Im lazy to the bone, so if I do knits, I sew only what I have to and leave the edges raw because they wont run! 

  3. I swing by your blog pretty often, and lately I just keep coming back to this post to enjoy your pictures. That is such a fabulous dress. Plus I love your hair and your dog is cute as hell, so. 

    (You make me want to sew!)

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