Hanging with Frans.

A photo of our group of picnickers under the shade of a tree.

While it’s nice living down the Gold Coast, being close to the beach and generally living a slower paced life, I miss Brisbane and my friends a lot. We went up for a picnic at New Farm Park on Sunday in absolutely scorching heat, but you know the best thing about being around friends in hot weather is that they don’t seem to mind if you’re dripping with sweat. (Unless they do, do you friends?! AWKWARD!)

A photo of Nick holding little baby Olivia.

A photo of Viv standing and looking engrossed in her phone with tree branches and foliage dramatically silhouetted behind her.

A super close up of Sonya's face, which wears amazing pink rimmed sunglasses.

A photo of Pete, Mem and Heather being zany and friendly in an iStock photo kind of way.
A photo of piles and piles of Sweet Valley High books being perused.
A photo of Pete's hand against his polka dot denim shorts. He wears a big blue ring with some kind of significance that I'm not aware of.
A photo of Mem with an arm around Pete, who is looking off to the left.
A photo of Miffy wearing Sonya's pink sunglasses looking like the Best and Most Cool Dog ever.


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