The Village Markets.

A photo of people walking past lots of crafty market stalls.

With the runaway success of markets like Finders Keepers I’m so pleased to see smaller weekly and fortnightly markets popping up. When we moved down here I wasn’t sure what kind of arts and crafts scene was going on, but after visiting the weekly Village Markets at Burleigh Heads State School today I’m pretty stoked to find that there’s a bit of a crafty culture happening on the Gold Coast after all!

We took a look at the markets today mostly because our new GC pals Heiko and Lilly were holding a stall for Heiko’s work, but also because I feel like I’ve been getting a bit too insular! It was so nice to go and see what local artisans are making and selling, and now Nick thinks it’d be cool if I sold my work at the market too! I don’t know how receptive most people would be to my more activisty products, but it seems the punters love knick knacks and whatnots so I’ll have to have a think about the kind of things I can make and sell for a market audience.

A photo of cut out illustrations, a mysterious black figure with a H and a kind of scary/ zombie koala beneath it.
Six prints of Heiko's illustrations.
Bunting with Heiko's illustrations on each flag strung across his stall.
A bowl of Heiko's tiny badges sitting on calendars.

Heiko said he’ll be at the markets next fortnight too, so if you are local and want to buy some awesome art stuff for people you must go!

A stuffed owl toy by Sisterhood Sewing in pink fabrics sitting inside a pink ring with vines wrapped around it.

A screenprinted wall hanging by Beneath The Sun with a fat merman surrounded by seaweed.

This merman looked SO SO much like Nick that I had to buy it for him!! MerNick!

Nick and Miffy standing in front of a huge Burleigh Heads State School emblem painted on a brick wall.

The markets are held in the primary school Nick attended, so we went for a walk around and he pointed out all the places he knew as kid Nick.

An outfit photo of Miffy and I standing amongst trees; I wear my crochet top over a green singlet with a diagonally stripy maxi skirt and a big black hat.

Yellow flowers and peach flower buds on a tree.

My school had wattle, jacaranda and poinciana trees around it and they all remind me of the rather nice time I had when I was in primary school. I don’t know what this tree is but I thought it was pretty.

A photo of Miffy and I standing in front of a colourful beach mural with a rainbow and hearts with nice values in them.

Crochet top: Yours Clothing
Singlet: Autograph
Skirt: Yours Clothing
Shoes: Evans
Hat: Seafolly (I think)


  1. MerNick!  That was my first thought when I saw that picture, that it looked just like your husband.

  2. NATALIE! That outfit is so VISIBLE. I love it. And if I lived on the Gold Coast instead of in America, I would buy your art at the market for sure.

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