When IRLs collide, or Erin is cool.

Erin and I posing with smiles and hands under our chins, maximising our cuteness.

Last week we were in Brisbane and Erin was on the Sunshine Coast visiting her family so we took advantage of this and drove up to have lunch with her. We’ve known Erin through Twitter for a year or so and normally she lives far away in the magical land of Melbourne town, but fortunately like most Melbournians she is a Queensland export and thus we got to take our e-franship IRL.

Basically Erin is awesome and cute and we had lunch and cake and iced coffee whilst enjoying Mooloolaba’s humidity and maximal tourist infestation. We then walked down to the rocks for dramatic photos because neither Nick or I thought to bring togs.

Erin and I sitting on a large rock formation at the beach looking babely.

Erin and I kicking water at the camera.

An outfit photo of me pulling an entirely facetious pouting face while wearing a black maxidress with a purple, green and pink floral pattern, a black shrug and broad brimmed hat.

An outfit photo of Erin with her arms flug out, looking serene, and she wears a black strappy dress with an orange and pink striped border hem.

Nick and I standing on a rock together with the sea and blue sky behind us.

Erin and I standing in the rock pools, I'm kicking water and Erin has her arms outstretched.

These photos make me happy, especially because I wasn’t feeling very great on the day, but horah for meeting terrific people! It would be so awesome to have a lovely beach party with all my e-frans.


  1. Love your maxi-dress!  And it looks like a fun day.  I am envious that you all have summer weather there since we are stuck in winter here in the US.

  2. I was looking for skirts with leggings idea and came across your blog,may i say you ROCK!!I love your look!Im now a google follower/stalker and when i get time im going to check out all the links on your sidebar.
    I also deal with depression,for me its connected to my fibromyalgia so im here to cheer you on in your battle with it too :)

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