Giftmas of 2011 past.

Purple, pink, blue baubles on the tree (including tiny mirrored disco balls!)

I know everyone’s already posted their holiday photos but we were staying at Mum and Dad’s and I only just mustered the energy to pull all the photos off my camera. We had a quiet Christmas, a claim Nick would object to coming from a small family, and spent the day with my immediate family, our cousins, and some family friends. It was really hot and I wasn’t feeling fabulous. Yes, it’s me your resident Scrooge!

Enjoy my Giftmas spam, or How To Celebrate Christmas When You’re Atheist And Vegetarian. I’ve put the photos behind a link because there are a lot!

Candied peanuts, ginger and dried muscatels sitting in bowls on the decorated table.

Strings of silver, green and red beads scattered on the table with shiny blue tea light holders.

Clusters of pink lilly pilly berries in a gold vase.

Presents, loads of presents, around the tree.

Crackers piled on each other like Jenga pieces!

My Mum goes to a lot of effort to decorate and she always does a lovely job; this year she put lilly pilly berries in vases, a pretty awesomely Oz spin on holly berries. Miffy really enjoyed trying to get the gingerbread hearts off the tree!

Amanda and Jeb unwrap large organic looking lamp holders.

Katie hands out gifts.

Nana, the birthday girl, waits for her presents.

Jordan, Matt and Jeb sit on the couch chatting.

A pitcher and glass of sangria sit behind a cheese ball with crackers, waiting for us to consume them!

Salads sit on the table, looking delicious.

A beetroot, feta, onion, walnut and baby spinach salad with balsamic reduction. (It was amazing!)

Tomato, basil and bocconcini salad.

Plates and trays of cold meat, roast meat and vegies.

A plate of star shaped shortbread and white chocolate rocky road.

I ate a lot of salad! It kind of sucks seeing everyone enjoy the crackling (basically the only part of pork I like) but I much prefer not having terrible tummy pains after I eat. If anyone has some nice, summery and festive vegetarian recipes please do share them because Mum has been worried about what to feed me at Christmas ever since I stopped eating meat!

My Nana standing behind her candle lit birthday cake.

Most importantly, it was my Nana’s birthday and we finished up with cake and candles especially for her.

For the next two days, I slept and recovered from all the energy expended on Giftmas day! I hope you had some nice relaxing times too.


  1. Love the lilly pilly arrangement, very pretty! It’s another salad (sorry) but for the last two years I’ve made this – – and it’s been very well received by veggies and non-veggies alike. I’ve also in other years made little quiches with feta, spinach, and semi dried tomato, they were yummo as well.

  2. No probs! You should be able to find pearl couscous in any reasonably sized woolies or coles, next to the normal couscous and pasta, in an aqua box. So good!

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