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It’s been a bit of a bumpy start to the year so I’ve been trying to take care of myself as best I can, but the upshot has been having more time to create. Actually my frenzied swings between furious output and overwhelming fatigue and depression have caused concern for my psychiatrist, no kidding, which means I might have my diagnosis changed. Which is another bump on the dodgy bitumen of 2012.

Without delving too deeply into all that super raw stuff, here are some drawings I’ve produced. The first two are commissioned digital illustrations of Lillian and Jaimielee (the Fancy Bonanza winner); the rest are further explorations of ugly/ vain/ amazing/ perfectly cromulent embodiment.

Illustration of Lillian, who is fat and pale skinned, wearing a sheer black blouse with a red polka dot pencil skirt and red shoes. She stands on a checkerboard walkway in space!
Illustration of Jaimielee, a fat babe of colour with orange hair, helping her fluffy white dog Muscles stand up in the middle of a suburban street. Jaimielee wears a blue chevron striped top with a grey cardigan and blue jeans; Muscles wears a cute grumpy puppy face.
Illustration of myself (with longer blue hair) wearing a disdainful look upon my face and a singlet that says "Don't invalidate my ugly."
Illustration of a fat babe with brown skin and candy pink hair standing astride a yellow bike with a basket full of flowers, books, food and a white puppy.
Illustration of a babe with white skin, zits and huge honey coloured hair looking in a hand mirror. A speech bubble above says, “Look at yourself!” and text on the mirror says, “Stop looking at yourself.”


  1. Love them all. On Instagram yesterday you had a girl on a bike that was in black and white. Totally fell in love with that. If it were ever for sale I would buy it. I’m serious. I love your work.

  2. Sorry – that was me. Bloody google invading my privacy YET AGAIN. My blog is

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  4. My laptop had a virus for about a 2 years, finally fixed it, & now I’m so happy to be reunited with your work!! I forgot all about it until I saw my desktop background again =)

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