Productive Sewing Phase outcome the second.

My self made black and white gingham dress with a black mesh yoke.

I tend to go through intense sewing phases and then don’t touch my machine for months, and obviously this is one of those phases. I’ve been so desperate to give my altered McCall’s M6085 dress another go, I combed through my rather limited fabric stash and squeezed this dress out of what I had in this black and white gingham remnant I picked up years ago.

The inside of the dress, showing the reused black floral bodice lining.

I used fabric from a maxi dress I buggered up a few years ago; it was really upsetting at the time because it has this beautiful floral border print. Now I can keep bits of that print on the inside of my dress! Lining garments with secretly fun fabrics is quite a lovely thing.

Nick took this with most of my body out of frame but it shows the mesh yoke pretty well!

An outfit photo of me, fat and white skinned with short lilac hair, wearing a black and white gingham dress with a black cardigan, black tights and black and white creepers. I pose with hands on hips, looking downwards in front of my inherited pink camellia tree.

Me with some kind of scrunched up, childish brat face.

The back view of my dress sans cardigan, showing the H-bar straps.

Posing without the cardigan. I’m still not satisfied with the slightly puckering top of the bodice.

A collage of the black and white gingham and mesh with a sheer floral and green lining, with two drawings. The first dress is the one I just completed, the second is similar but with an asymmetrical hem.

And now to wear my new dress out to congratulate my sister on her recent engagement!


  1. It’s so exciting to see these things from concept to reality. I am having a mini sewing kick at the moment too, but I don’t have the skills to whip up a dress like you! I can do it but it takes me aaaaaaages. I’m getting there, though. So inspiring, and they look so rad on you!

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