Friday Fance: By the seat of my fance

The Design Files posted photos of Scott Weston‘s gorgeous home and work. The colours are stunning and there’s even a wallpaper by Florence Broadhurst, be still my beating heart.

Beautiful sketches by Frank Frazetta, who passed away recently. If I had to write anything about these drawings I would probably die blushing, so I will let them speak for themselves!

How amazing is Grace Jones in this ad for a Honda scooter? Hugely.

I love when artists cut right through to the truth of the matter, and Laurel Varian hasn’t put a foot wrong in outing all the popular themes on Etsy! This illustration is called “It’s Etsy”, natch.

Another piece of uncredited loveliness adrift on the internet… I found this and I want more! Basically this could be a manifestation of my dream home. I can imagine how cozy it’d be inside!


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