Whimsy boxing

whimsy box/ new farm park

You might have noticed lately but my posting is all over the place, and lots of the regular stuff hasn’t been so regular. I haven’t been feeling very well and so today Nick took me out for a change of scenery. Brisbane is lucky to have lots of gorgeous parks, and one of the most loved is New Farm Park.

whimsy box/ new farm park

Not only does it have expanses of lovely green grass that touch the Brisbane River, the Powerhouse and some of the nicest homes in New Farm, there’s also a magnificent garden of roses and other flowers.

whimsy box/ new farm park

Unfortunately it’s such a nice place that lots of people visit it and picnic there, get married in the rotunda and play football amongst the rose beds. If you want some peace and quiet, the best thing to do is lie down on the grass, pop your earphones in and search the sky for nothing in particular.

whimsy box/ new farm park

Though if you’re like me, you’ll probably go stalking through the gardens looking for pretty things to take photos of, and then you’ll come home and put them through the whimsy filter in Photoshop.

whimsy box/ new farm park

I hope your weekends have been, if not full of nice stuff, at least a little bit touched by beauty.


  1. I love New Farm Park. For me it's an exercise in lazy parenting – point the toddler at the playground, then mosey around after him while holding a takeaway coffee. Everyone's happy.

  2. The playground seemed to be all ripped out today! There was a large fenced off area of dirt and a lonely looking swingset that'd been uprooted and pushed to the side.

  3. I love your photography <3

    I wanted to drop by to say that, regarding your post a little while ago about having pictures of you posted on a hating facebook group, you're not alone.
    Today I discovered that this group is using my pictures in one of their user-submitted galleries, despite me having an all rights reserved copyright on both flickr and my blog.

    I never thought I'd be hurt by something like this, but deep down this makes me want to cry :/

  4. Wow, gorgeous photos. I haven't been out of the house this weekend because I've got a cold so it's nice to live vicariously.

  5. God, I love your photographs! They're so magical and whimsical…just like your illustrations! Could you tell me a little bit about how you got into the field? I'm looking to get into the art world/ work myself..

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